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Welcome to the third instalment of the Cooler Master peripheral tour. Today we examine the MH650, their offering in the entry level wired gaming headset arena. With it’s 50mm Neodymium driver and virtual 7.1 surround sound, can it perform?

Cooler Master, the Taiwan based OEM has been selling headsets since it’s first, “Sirus”, marketed under the CM Storm branding in 2011. The MH650 headset can be had for 59.99$ currently at Walmart. Cooler Master boasts:

The MH650 Gaming Headset provides an immersive experience in a portable package ideal for console and PC gamers. Virtual 7.1 surround sound and omnidirectional boom mic offer high-quality sound and comms, wrapped in a sleek matte black design and fully customizable RGB illumination – and cushioned ear cups provide the perfect fit for those marathon sessions.


The packaging was very sturdy and I was pleased to find a black velvet storage pouch for the headset when it’s not in use. The only included items were the microphone, USB-C dongle, user manual and carrying pouch.



I have been using the Master Plus software for quite sometime now and still enjoy the simple aesthetics of the program and convenient tabs for switching if other Cooler Master products are attached. The equalizer offers default settings for genre of music and the ability to customize the Hz spectrum as desired. The 7.1 surround can only be enabled if using this headset on a PC/Mac and you have the ability to change the distance of connected speakers from your chair to alter depth perception.

Lighting can be found in the form of halo rings surrounding the right/left speakers. There are a few pre-selected schemes and as always, the ability to customize your color on the RGB spectrum. It is not overbearing, but subtle and pleasing on the eyes.

Use/ Functionality

The headset feels very light when held and is comprised mostly of plastic. The top portion is adjustable, allowing for different head sizes and extends without much effort. The speakers are mounted to a swivel and squeak annoyingly when turned. The exterior of the headset has a button for 7.1 on/off, mute and a volume wheel for easy access. The padding is moderately thick and is comfortable when worn for short periods of time, it begins to be uncomfortable after more than an hour of usage. The microphone is removable and can be easily shifted to a desired position. The cord is braided and sufficiently long to enable movement without dragging it across your body.

The sound quality is average even with a fully usable equalizer. When pushed to the maximum volume setting, the speakers become distorted and have static. The same can be said for the low bass, with any setting of bass above 3/4 maximum it becomes too distorted to enjoy. The 7.1 surround sound is not well integrated, it shifts sounds as it should however it feels artificial and lacks responsiveness to fully immerse the listener to the experience. The microphone is detachable, communicates clearly and functions at a sufficient volume for VOIP.

Final Thoughts

This headset can be purchased by a savvy shopper for under 60$ new. I would spend a few more dollars to obtain a wireless headset with better surround sound integration. This headset would however be perfect for teenagers who tend to break gear easily or gamers on a tight budget just looking to coordinate with their friends. I can appreciate what Cooler Master did with the padding, RGB lighting and braided cable especially at this low of a price point.

AffordableBound by USB cord
Clear microphone communicationExtended use causes ear discomfort
RGB lighting


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