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Hello fellow PC enthusiasts, today I bring you an overview of the Cooler Master V650 V2 in white. Cooler Master have been providing power supplies for the PC market for quite sometime, covering the low,medium & high end PC market and are always improving upon their PSU lineup. Today is no exception as we cover the second generation of their V650 power supply line. The Cooler Master V650 V2 is a revision of their V series released toward the end of 2015. Let’s see what we find.

Some of the notable features of the V650 V2 are: 

  • 80+ Gold Certified 
  • Half Bridge LLC Resonant Converter And DC-DC Technology 
  • Silent 135mm FDB Fan 
  • 40% Semi-Fanless Mode With Hybrid Switch 
  • 16AWG PCIE Cables
  • 10 Year Warranty

With respect to the V650 V2’s total power out put, Cooler Master was kind enough to make it super easy for the consumer to find. As per the product page you will find a super easy to understand table for amperage rating and total output power as below.






The V2 version of the V series is a 80+Gold rated supply, which means that it reaches 80+ levels of efficiency meeting the 80+ Gold criteria which means at low and high load, it’s at least 87% efficient and mid loads at least 90%. The more efficient a PSU is, the better it is at converting AC to DC, the better a PSU is at doing this, the less heat it will produce and by extension, wasted energy. Simply put (there’s quite a few factors to this) a PSU that’s 90% efficient will create 90W DC per 100W AC, the extra 10W is transformed into heat, so for example an inefficient power supply at 75% efficient and 1000W load would output 250W of heat, which a highly efficient PSU at 90% would only output 100W. The the higher efficiency can result in longer lasting components in the PSU. This is often reflected by the warranty noted by the manufacturer. You can learn more about the scale of the 80 Plus certification on Wikipedia.  However for ease we have provided a table below that gives you an overview of the 80 Plus Certification. 














One can’t buy a PSU based solely on 80+ rating though. This power supply features only the high end and reliable Japanese capacitors, which is one of the things you should also look for in a power supply, this ensures a high level of quality and lends to a longer PSU lifetime. Also equipped with a half-bridge LLC resonant converter the V650 V2 ensures that the power is constant and fluctuates as little as possible, this not only ensures that components within the PC are getting the power that is required and within specific parameters, but also that the power is stable, something important when you consider overclocking.

To keep everything cool Cooler Master equipped the V2 revision of the V series with a bigger fan, a 135mm to be exact, one with FDB, a known long lasting type of bearing. On top of this, the fan comes programmed to run a semi-fanless design, at low loads the fan will stop entirely and when load surpasses 40% the fan will kick in to help remove that extra heat. Of course you have a switch on to the back of the PSU to disable or enable this function.

The V series is a fully modular power supply, but one thing that really stands out versus other power supplies is that the PCIE cables are 16AWG instead of the more often found 18AWG, which means that it can carry A higher amperage than the 18GAWG counterparts, this is something I like to see. The V650 V2 comes with the following modular connectors: 

1x ATX 24-Pin Connector
1x EPS 4+4 Pin Connector 
8x Sata Connectors 
4x Peripheral 4-Pin Connectors
4x PCI-E 6+2 Pin Connectors

One thing to note that I liked to see is that Cooler Master make it very clear as to the lengths of their modular cables as provided on the product page which can also be seen below.









Cooler Master backs this product with an astounding 10 year warranty, which just shows how much confidence Cooler Master has in this product.


Let’s see how it looks now. As far as packaging goes, we’re starting to get familiar with Cooler Masters purple trimming and full graphics packaging. The box itself explains basically everything I discussed above. As far as interior packaging, it’s clear that they’ve put effort in protecting their product while maintaining a high end feel. The power supply itself is in a cloth bag in a 2 piece thick closed cell foam box, while the cables are in a nylon bag. I appreciate the handy nylon bags for storing all the left over cables not used in the system, it makes for easier storage.

As far as content goes, it’s the typical cables, a few cable ties, four screws, warranty card, instruction booklet and AC power cord (and the PSU itself too!). The white of the power supply itself is a very bright white , but the cables themselves seem to leech as one of my cables showed signs of discoloring. However, these cables are some of the best feeling cables I’ve used, they feel more flexible than most other power supplies I’ve owned which will help in the build process when routing cables around the case.


As far as the interior of the PSU goes, you can see the clean no clutter design with very clean and high quality PCB with clean solder points all of these points so far in history tells us, tends to lead to a more reliable unit. The fan also states it goes up to 1800 RPM and is voltage controlled based on temperature and load.

Based on what we’ve seen today, I can easily recommend this power supply series for anyone who is in the market for a power supply in this wattage range and looking for quality and reliability. The 80+ Gold, the component selection, the white cables and reputable brand make it stand out for sure as an easy pick, especially at a very competitive price point relative to other PSUs with same specifications. You can pick up the Cooler Master V650 V2 for $128.99 RRP.

White cable (if you're going for a white build)Easily stained cables
Flexible cables
100% Japanese caps
Fully modular
80+Gold Certification


Well that’s about it guys! I Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed reviewing this product.

I also want to thank Cooler Master again for providing us with this product for review, we really appreciate your support.



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