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Silverstone Technology Co LTD, is a Taiwanese-based OEM established in 2003. They specialize in computer peripherals to include cases, PSU’s and cooling solutions. Silverstone was kind enough to send EHW a sample of their Alta G1M Micro ATX CaseSX1000 Platinum PSU which will be brought to it’s extreme limits today. This is a basic review of the case and PSU. Later, I’ll discuss how I pushed the envelope of the space confines while maximizing performance with a custom loop. To see just what fits inside, read on. 


G1M Case Overview

The Alta G1M Micro-ATX case comes in two colors, black and white. We received the black version which retails at 169.99$ MSRP. This price point places the G1M in the upper end of the entry level case. I was not able to find this case at any major US distributer, including Newegg or Amazon. Anyone interested in this case will have to wait until it hits US shelves from overseas. 

Case Unboxing

Case Features

  1. 360mm Radiator support
  2. Small footprint with no visible cabling x4 sides
  3. Stack effect layout with inverted motherboard layout
  4. Mandatory cable routing design
  5. Up to 355mm GPU support
  6. Included 180mm fan
  7. 4 configurations with multi-purpose bracket

The Alta G1M is an all steel chassis and plastic base with rubber feet. While it’s marketed as “Micro-ATX”, the dimensions suggest a hybrid mid-tower. The G1M is very tall, with most competitors in the same category being <400mm. All sides of the case with the exception of the left are ventilated with mesh screens. Access to the case is gained via the top magnetic panel which reveals the cable routing clip and rear rubber grommet. There is a removeable screen that clicks into place underneath the 180mm fan. 

Case Build Quality

The case is well built. It is sleek, aesthetically pleasing and functions as intended. The vertical 180mm fan that provides a stack cooling effect is innovative. This case is perfect for all air or AIO hybrid builds. Those who desire custom loops will have to make case alterations. There is limited space for traditional reservoirs and pump toppers. The lower cable guard has two screws and four rivets that require drilling for removal. The lack of ability to mount a 240 radiator to the rear was infuriating. I was not willing to cut a portion of the I/O housing to make one fit. 


Quality constructionNot suited for custom loops
Excellent ventilationUncommon vertical fan size of 180mm
Innovative designCable guard not removable without modifications
Easy to build in

SX1000 PSU Overview

The SX1000 is a 1000w 80+ Platinum SFX-L fully modular power supply. It retails for $349.99 currently on Amazon. This is without a doubt the highest rated SFX-L PSU available now. It’s price point places it in the high end PSU market.

PSU Unboxing

PSU Features

I did not have the equipment at the time of this review to validate voltage, amperage, watts or any mechanical specification claims made by Silverstone but for a summary of its features as well as the connectors supplied, see below. 

PSU Build Quality

The quality and design is instantly apparent. Being the smallest PSU I have ever held, I am impressed by it’s specifications. It is visually pleasing and gives the feeling of holding a young kitten. Modularity is standard at this price point with individual socket covers being a nice touch. The cables are robust and forward thinking was given to making the cables flat. These features aid in building within tight constraints. There is no delineation between EPS and PCI-e 4 pin plugs which gives excessive placement options. There are included cable wraps and zips ties to manage a rats nest.


CompactHigh cost
Superb quality


Rig Setup

The intent with this build was to fit a custom loop that would not be limited thermally.


CategoryComponent used
Case (Sponsored)Silverstone Alta G1M
PSU (Sponsored)Silverstone SX1000
MotherboardGigabyte Z390 M
CPUIntel 9900k (Delidded)
CPU WaterblockNUDEcnc Ncore V1
GPU WaterblockEK-Quantum Vector FTW3 RTX 3070
RAMG.Skill Trident RGB PC3600
Storage Crucial PX1 1000GB NVME
ReservoirBP 100mm Utilitube
PumpAqua Computer D5
RadiatorAcool 360mm UT60
FittingsBykski 16mm Anti-Off
TubingBP 16mm PETG

Case Modifications

There was limited mounting room for a res/pump on the rear 120mm fan mounts, so the bottom wiring cover had to be removed. It was secured with two screws in the PSU bay and four rivets that had to be drilled out.

After removal of the cable guard, the 180mm fan was moved underneath to horizontally mount the res/pump. I secured it to the two screw holes within the PSU shroud. Hardline connections supplied reservoir top stability.

A hole was cut using a Dremmel for access to the top g1/4 port for fill/pressure release valve placement. This is also where I chose to place the FAN/RGB controllers as there was no extra room on the back of MOBO tray.


Build assembly

I was pleased with the way it turned out. I wish a 240 could have been mounted on the rear 120mm fan slots, but I was unwilling to cut portions of the I/O plate to make it a reality.

Look how well the UT60 and case fans mitigated heat soak. Ambient temperature was 16c. The UT60 theoretically can shed 380w @1300 RPM and 430w full speed. It accomplished this and then some. Here is where the NCore V.1 shined, just look at that spread!

My finished setup with the Alta G1M Micro ATX Case taking pride of place on my desk

 Well that is it for this article. I very much enjoyed creating this build with the Alta G1M Micro ATX CaseSX1000 Platinum PSU, Silverstone have done a great job with both products and I look forward to seeing what they bring to the market in the future.


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    1. No, it would not be possible given the dimensions of the case. It is however possible to do some case modification to accommodate a 240mm on the rear as I noted in the review. It could probably be accomplished with a dremmel and 20 minutes of work.

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