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Creative SXFI THEATRE Headset Review

Creative, a well known producer of PC audio solutions brings us the SXFI THEATRE headset. Creative were gracious enough to send one along for review. The SXFI THEATRE is one of their higher tier audio headsets which features wireless rather than Bluetooth, with the SXFI THEATRE coming with a slew of premium features, the price tag is also in the premium realm. Will our experience justify the price? Read on to see what I find.
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TeamGroup XTREEM ARGB 4000 64GB Kit Review

So the year is 2021, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has already landed, showing us that 32GB of RAM could now be the new "sweet spot" for gamers moving forward, not to mention for those who use their machines for work and play. So it begs the question, is 64GB really all that overkill now that gamers are transitioning to 32GB? Remember, it is not so different from when 16GB was the sweet spot and people considered 32GB to be overkill, well look where we are now. However running 64GB has been known to come at a price. Not just what comes out of your wallet, but we are also talking performance. As 64GB Kits come in a kit of 4x DIMM Modules arrangement (sometimes more), it has been well documented that running a 64GB kit a its maximum rated XMP ratings and beyond that can be much more difficult due to additional stress on the CPU's memory controller. We figured it was time to delve into this topic to see if you can run 64GB and maintain performance. We reached out to TeamGroup who were kind enough to send us a 64GB Kit of  XTREEM ARGB 4000 CL18 just for this purpose.  Read on to see what we find.
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Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus 2 TB NVMe Review

Sabrent have been with us since 1998, since that time they have supplied the PC market with hubs, adapters, a/v accessories and storage solutions, today we will be discussing the latter. Sabrent over the last few years have released some of the best NVMe storage solutions on the market. Recently they released their new Rocket 4 Plus line which utilizes the super fast PCIe Gen 4 technology. Today we are looking at the Rocket 4 Plus 2TB drive variant which boasts some serious storage capacity and speeds.  Read on to see how we got on.
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Corsair HS70 Wired Gaming Headset with Bluetooth

Corsair is a brand that a lot of us are familiar with. They have been in the technology market for 25 years providing us with a wide variety of products from PC components, cases and peripherals ranging from mice, keyboards and headsets. Today I will be covering a headset from their extensive range, we will be looking at the Corsair HS70 with Bluetooth. This particular headset boasts multi-platform connectivity via USB, 3.5mm jack and Bluetooth which allows you a wide range of uses from PC, phone/tablets and consoles. Read on to see how we fair with the Corsair HS70.
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Sound Blaster X AE-5 Plus: Sound Card Review

Soundblaster, a name that PC users and enthusiasts have grown up with for years. Creative, the creator of the Soundblaster series of sound cards have been with us since 1981 and a worldwide leader in audio technologies. In 1989, they bought us the now famous and recognized name of Soundblaster. Since this time Creative have released a swathe of different audio products for the PC market, most notably the dedicated sound card. It was an easy choice back in the day, if you wanted quality sound for both game play and music alike, you purchased a dedicated sound card as it was most of the time far better than your onboard sound hardware. However is this the case now all these years later now that onboard sound hardware has vastly improved ? Today we are looking at the Soundblaster X AE-5 Plus, a dedicated sound card for the PC.  Read on to see what we find.
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The Asrock X570 Aqua Build

A build log featuring the exclusive Asrock X570 Aqua of which only 999 were made. I decided to change things up. I previously had a Threadripper 2990WX paired with an MSI MEG Creation X399 which I was not using to its full potential as a workhorse and found that more over it was being used for a mixed workload and gaming. The latter (Gaming) does not make sense on this type of CPU, and as I was not using the CPU in workload point of view often enough. What an expensive set of gear to have not doing what it is intended for ! So it was time to switch up and move over to Zen 2 with the Asrock Aqua X570 Aqua & AMD Ryzen 9 3950X.
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