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Arozzi MOTO Desk & PRIMO PU Gaming Chair Combo Review

There is nothing like having the ultimate space to play video games. When it comes to arranging offices or small spaces, gamers are looking for a sturdy desk and comfortable chair but are cautious of price. Arozzi is a Swedish company that offers unique gaming furniture, accessories, and peripherals for gamers and streamers. Gaming products have become a touchstone of the industry and Arrozzi is looking to offer you everything you would need to accommodate your setup. We will be looking at the Arozzi MOTO and Primp PU chair together and see how to assemble each. Space and durability can make an enormous difference for arranging your hardware and peripheral layouts and be influential to your purchase decisions. Let's see if Arozzi can offer the space and comfort that's needed for gaming or office operations.
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Cooler Master MM711 Gaming Mouse Review

Today marks a second venture into Cooler Master's peripheral product offerings highlighting the MM711 gaming mouse. The MM711 with it's Omron switches and 60g total weight, make it appealing in the entry level mouse category. Cooler Master, the Taiwan based OEM gained notoriety with it's MM831 back in 2019. The MM711 boasts a laundry list of features for it's sub 40$ price tag.  Will team purple deliver on this lightweight wired mouse? Read on to find out.
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Intel Budget Build – ASRock H570 Motherboard / Intel 11600K

Hey guys, Ryan here with ExtremeHW. Today I am gonna build an Intel PC that's not the most extreme, but still has some decent horsepower. ASRock was kind enough to send over their new H570 Steel Legend motherboard to use for this build, as well as Be Quiet! with their 500DX high airflow, compact ATX case. Be Quiet! also sent over a few new offerings, a new gold rated PSU, the Pure Power 11 FM at 650 watts, and cooling the CPU is going to be Be Quiet's Pure Rock Slim 2, which has a 92mm fan and a high TDP of 130 watts. So why don't we run down the build list?
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InWin: Sirius Pure and Sirius Loop Fan Review

Who better to design a great case fan than the innovative and forward-thinking case manufacturer, InWin, Wait! Didn’t I do that introduction already? Today I have 2 new and completely different case fans from InWin, the Sirius Pure and the Sirius Loop. As 120mm case fans go, these are lookers with the performance to back it up. So, at the risk of humming that Michael Jackson/Bill Bottrell song: It don't matter if you're black or white. Let's see what we find.
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Cooler Master MK850 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Today we have been given the pleasure to take a deep dive into the MK850, one of Cooler Master's latest offerings in the mechanical keyboard arena. The MK850 with it's "Aimpad" technology and low actuation cherry MX switches place it comfortably in the mid-range space. Cooler Master, the Taiwan based OEM most famously known for it's Hyper EVO 212 has been manufacturing keyboards since 2012 under it's CM Storm brand. Can the MK850 with it's extensive feature list give CM a lasting foothold in the peripheral space? Ladies & Gentleman, change your favorite RGB presets and let's see what team purple has to offer.
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TeamGroup T-Force Siren GD240 ARGB AIO Cooler Review

When looking for a company with a long history in the Computer Hardware and Peripheral industry, TeamGroup comes up on a short list of company names. Founded in 1997, they have been at the forefront of the industry with numerous innovative products. Today I have the luxury of being able to take a look at a new All-in-One(AIO) liquid cooling solution from them. This is the Siren GD240 ARGB AIO, read on to see what I find.
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