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Silverstone Alta G1M Case & SX1000 SFX-L PSU Review

Silverstone Technology Co LTD, is a Taiwanese-based OEM established in 2003. They specialize in computer peripherals to include cases, PSU's and cooling solutions. Silverstone was kind enough to send EHW a sample of their Alta G1M Micro ATX Case & SX1000 Platinum PSU which will be brought to it's extreme limits today. This is a basic review of the case and PSU. Later, I'll discuss how I pushed the envelope of the space confines while maximizing performance with a custom loop. To see just what fits inside, read on. 
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Corsair 5000D Airflow Review

Corsair is a company that continues to evolve and offers a complete PC ecosystem. While RGB, tempered glass and airflow are all included in their design choices, they offer a wide range of cases. Their products include budget, mid-range, and enthusiast options. Today I will be reviewing a new case, the 5000D airflow, and doing a system build guide. The 5000D is a step up from the previous 4000 series.
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Cooler Master Cosmos C700P Black Edition Review

When it comes to full tower cases, Cooler Master's Cosmos series has an extensive history and a serious following within the enthusiast and modding communities. Today we're reviewing the newest, and possibly best Cosmos family member, the C700P Black Edition. It's a massive case with tons of features and promises to be everything an enthusiast could want in an off-the-shelf option. Join us as we take a look at this case and see what makes it special. 
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InWin X-Frame 2.0 Review

Hey guys, today I bring you a very special case. It's very niche, it's overkill in so many ways, but oh so beautiful! Here's my review of the InWin X-Frame 2.0 (in green/black), a $1200 USD MSRP case, which by itself it more than your average mid-performance gaming tower, let's see what makes it so expensive and how this case might just be the case for you!
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InWin 309, do you even RGB?

As some of you might not know, I have a weakness when it comes to cases. I've owned cases from pretty much every single manufacturer, from small cases like the InWin Chopin up to the biggest case ever made, the CaseLabs TX10. (I had the -V) InWin is one of those manufacturers that go above and beyond to constantly create something different from the rest, constantly innovating and pioneering cases in one way or another. The InWin 309 is one of those examples.
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InWin ALICE Open Air ATX Mid Tower Review

In recent years we have witnessed a renaissance underway in the computer case world. The days of ugly beige steel cases that hide computer components are gone. We have seen case modders and builders actually shape the retail market for cases in the last 10 years. From extravagant water cooling monstrosities, to major advancements in small form factor, off-the-shelf computer cases now come in a myriad of styles.Today we are taking a look at a new case from InWin that's pushing the boundaries even further. The ALICE case from InWin, promises to deliver something different than most users might be expecting.
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