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EVGA Z590 DARK Motherboard Review

Hey what's up people! Today is a dark day, but in a good way. EVGA has sent over their Z590 DARK for us to take a look at, and before you keyboard warriors type in the comments, I know Intel Alder Lake CPUs and Z690 motherboards are out. However there still is a market for Z590 motherboards. EVGA's DARK series of motherboards has had a long history of being a niche series of motherboards focused on extreme overclocking
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Intel 11900K / Z590 Overclocking Guide

Intel has released its 11th gen CPUs based on the Cypress Cove architecture and continues to push 14nm to its limits. These new CPUs have a ton of negative press surrounding them but especially the 11900K. There are some serious holes with the new product stack but also a lot of good that the processor brings when considering generational leaps and what 14nm++ is capable of. We are going to do something a bit different here with this overclocking guide by comparing Intel's recommended test settings versus a manual all-core overclock. Intel's recommended settings are going to offer a bit more performance than just basic default settings. Let's see what we can get out of this CPU.
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