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Corsair HS70 Wired Gaming Headset with Bluetooth

Corsair is a brand that a lot of us are familiar with. They have been in the technology market for 25 years providing us with a wide variety of products from PC components, cases and peripherals ranging from mice, keyboards and headsets. Today I will be covering a headset from their extensive range, we will be looking at the Corsair HS70 with Bluetooth. This particular headset boasts multi-platform connectivity via USB, 3.5mm jack and Bluetooth which allows you a wide range of uses from PC, phone/tablets and consoles. Read on to see how we fair with the Corsair HS70.
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Corsair’s K60 RGB Pro Mechanical Keyboard & KATAR Pro Gaming Mouse Review

It’s a fair statement that a keyboard and mouse are the most important part of any computer rig! Without them, we would be stuck with a box as good as a paper weight. You could even say keyboard and mice have become an extension of our limbs. So, it’s important that they are reliable, comfortable and responsive. Even consoles manufactures have seen the light and have enabled their consoles to utilize them. Corsair have kindly sent us the K60 RGB Pro Mechanical Keyboard and the KATAR Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse to review. Let's see how they fair.
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