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Silverstone Alta G1M Case & SX1000 SFX-L PSU Review

Silverstone Technology Co LTD, is a Taiwanese-based OEM established in 2003. They specialize in computer peripherals to include cases, PSU's and cooling solutions. Silverstone was kind enough to send EHW a sample of their Alta G1M Micro ATX Case & SX1000 Platinum PSU which will be brought to it's extreme limits today. This is a basic review of the case and PSU. Later, I'll discuss how I pushed the envelope of the space confines while maximizing performance with a custom loop. To see just what fits inside, read on. 
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Cooler Master V650 Gold V2 PSU: An Overview

Hello fellow PC enthusiasts, today I bring you an overview of the Cooler Master V650 V2 in white. Cooler Master have been providing power supplies for the PC market for quite sometime, covering the low,medium & high end PC market and are always improving upon their PSU lineup. Today is no exception as we cover the second generation of their V650 power supply line. The Cooler Master V650 V2 is a revision of their V series released toward the end of 2015. Let's see what we find.
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