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Crucial P5 M.2 NVMe SSD Review

Founded in 1996, Crucial is one of the top sellers of DRAM and storage modules for the PC market. As a brand of Micron, one of the largest memory manufacturers in the world, they've got a direct line to manufacturing and engineering to bring some of the best products possible to the PC community. So when Crucial released a newly designed NVMe storage solution, we took notice. Named the P5, it's their newest SSD to enter the retail space and it appears to be a good storage choice whether you're using it for gaming or professional purposes. Follow along as we put this drive to the test and compare it to some of the very best Gen 3 drives out there. 
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Corsair MP400 2TB Review

This product is your standard PCIE 3.0 x4 NVME. It features QLC (quad level cell) NAND which enables it to have product variants up to 8TB due to its denser configuration! This type of NAND is of the 3D variant, which enables higher read and write endurance's, simply put they'll last longer. Compared to TLC NAND though, it is a bit slower in write speeds, still the drive promises up to 3000 MB/s in sequential write and 3400 MB/s in read, remember that max theoretical bandwidth for PCIE 3.0 x4 is 3940 MB/s, adding in all communications, transfers and etc., most we usually see on PCIE x4 is 3500 MB/s (that's like transferring COD Warzone from two same speed NVME's in about 15 seconds!!). On top of all this since the drive is in the typical 2280 format (22mm wide by 80mm long) and doesn't have a heatsink it'll fit in anything that has a slot the appropriate size. Now the cherry on the cake? Corsair offers a 5 year (!) warranty on this product line. Let's check it out this small, fast and capable NVME SSD!
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Sabrent Rocket Nano NVMe Review: Good things come in small packages

Micro-sized M.2 drives are becoming popular in embedded systems, laptops, and also portable USB devices. Specifically, the 2242 M.2 has become a mainstay for many laptops because of it's compact size. Sabrent offers a blasting fast NVMe drive that comes in amazing capacities and also built around compatibility for 2242. Part of their popular Rocket line of SSD's, the Nano features incredible speeds for its size. Join us as we put this drive to the test and take a tour of its features. 
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