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Red Dead Redemption 2 - SLI support - Windows 7

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  • Red Dead Redemption 2 - SLI support - Windows 7

    Hi all... if you don't have RDR2 and you don't have SLI you are likely not going to be familiar with this topic and the various hacks/workarounds posted on the interwebnets. The short version of a long story here is that RDR2 does not support SLI (officially, at this time). RDR2 for PC does NOT include a DX11 API, the options are limited to DX12 and Vulkan only and of course for Windows 7 that means only Vulkan...

    SLI - Getting SLI to work with this game has been fairly challenging. We can see that many have been able to get it to work with NVIDIA Inspector hacks (there are several) and 100% of the time the success has only been with the Vulkan API. There is a video showing it running with (2) 970's... so someone was able to use Maxwell... most others seem to be using Pascal based GPUs with some using Turing. Everyone with any success getting SLI to work has only used the Vulkan API...Windows 7 is supported by Vulkan. None of them specified the O/S, assume it was 10... but would it matter? Vulkan is Vulkan?

    The different options covered in many other forums are (in short):
    (1) Modifying a specific (hidden) unknown option with NVIDIA inspector
    (2) Importing a custom game profile with NVIDIA inspector
    (3) Importing a replacement for the existing Red Dead Redemption 2 game profile with NVIDIA inspector
    (4) Removing the RDR2 profile with NVIDIA inspector and adding the RDR2.exe to the GTAV profile essentially making it think the game is GTAV

    None of these worked for me...

    I just read some rumors (no idea if there is any truth) that NVIDIA is using driver-level blocks to prevent SLI from working rendering game profile hacks useless... so now it is not working for anyone with recent drivers installed either (can anyone confirm this?). I sort of doubt this is the case but

    I wanted to see if anyone else out there actually got SLI to work with RDR2 under Windows 7 and how did you do it and what drivers are you using?
    If nothing else possibly determine that Windows 10 (AND Vulkan) is a pre-requisite for the SLI hacks to work...

    As a reminder, this is a quote from Khronos: "The multi-GPU specification is very definitely NOT tied to Windows 10, and that it is possible to implement the Vulkan multi-GPU extension on any desktop OS, including Windows 7, 8.x, and 10 and Linux."...

    Thanks in advance

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    This is odd, I read from a couple of sources that RDR2 supports SLI out of the box, granted they did not state any pre-requisites for it to work but find it confusing as to why it would not function under Vulkan on Windows 7. On the same token Nvidia have nothing to gain by blocking SLI on Windows 7 for this title. I have never heard of them doing this.

    I am not saying they aren't but fail to see the logic.

    Did a little search and found an interesting thread, I would suggest taking a read.

    So yes, a rollback to Nvidia Driver 441.08 with Vulcan activated gets SLI to work. The problem is that it doesnt work so well. I only get 30% load on each card. Frame wise, this gets you to 40 fps with two 1080tis. It isnt so bad if you have vsync and triple buffering on but at least it works. With a single card I was getting 15-20 fps. It's pretty playable with the way I set it up, and keep in mind this is 4k ultra settings everything. Give it some time, keep a sharp lookout in the community, and we should be able to find a better fix in the future for this game. Hope it helped for those of you out there.

    Editriver version is actually 441.08
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