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  1. I wonder too it like the perfect rigs to move around. Probably would work great as an emulator.
  2. Good point maybe we could just not allow LN2 / Dry ice / cold room since those are mostly for hwbot anyways.
  3. The sad thing is my Vega Frontier contain a HBCC High Bandwith Cache Controller that allow it to use onboard ram. I tested it doing crazy vr and 4k test and reached 28gb vram usage without issue!
  4. https://videocardz.com/newz/pocket-sized-foldable-keyboard-is-a-full-pc-equipped-with-amd-ryzen-7-8840u
  5. Pablo Escobar landing area somewhere in Colombia pretty cool!
  6. Great news! If price can stop climbing its good new for us!
  7. i would try Ubuntu if i was you. It the only linux version that i have mostly no issue on anything.
  8. I would wait if i was you. But at the same time it a great option. I would not go for less than 12 core though if you go 9000.
  9. Getting worse it seem nvidia ways too big 10k 5090 incoming NVIDIA Is Now Bigger Than The Capitalization Of The Entire German Stock Market, The GDPs Of Canada And Russia NVIDIA Is Now Bigger Than The Capitalization Of The Entire German Stock Market, The GDPs Of Canada And Russia WCCFTECH.COM As investors digest the scale of the oncoming AI-related tailwind, NVIDIA is breaking financial records left, right, and center.
  10. I read an article recently showing some 4000 tier card having pretty good bandwith bottleneck. Maybe Nvidia hit a wall or something and had no other option than increase it back to 512bit
  11. Not really worse than promoting luxury car brand when no one can afford them i would says. I mean for the USA gun are a main Hobby. In other country not so much.
  12. MSI Bringing DDR5 CAMM2 Memory To Desktop PCs With Upcoming Z790 Project Zero Plus Motherboard WCCFTECH.COM MSI is the first desktop motherboard manufacturer to unveil its upcoming DDR5 CAMM2 memory-ready Z790 motherboard.
  13. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 5090 GPU Rumor Alleges 512-bit Monster, 16 GDDR7 Memory Modules, Brand New PCB Design WCCFTECH.COM New rumors for the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 5090 "Blackwell" GPUs have surfaced, revealing a brand new PCB & a 512-bit GDDR7 memory interface.
  14. Samsung's HBM3E Memory Fails To Pass NVIDIA Qualification Due To Excessive Heat & Power Issues WCCFTECH.COM Samsung's HBM3 memory hasn't been able to pass NVIDIA's qualifications tests, creating new problems for the Korean manufacturer.
  15. Finally something to beat rdr2
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