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  1. They can't repeal the law unless the law is unconstitutional, but this isn't a constitutional matter, it's only whether section 230 applies. My guess is, the court will uphold the lower courts ruling. Money is irrelevant, Judges make or are supposed to make rulings based on law, not on what they want the law to be, or who may lose money from a ruling.
  2. I recently cancelled the TV portion of my service, I was surprised they didn't offer to lower the cost. She just asked me why I was cancelling and that was it. She was nice enough to cancel my internet also and then reactivate it at the new customer price that's locked in for 4 years.
  3. I'm using Firefox 110.0 on Linux with Ublock origin, but still happens with Ublock turned off. It also happens when using Librewolf, with no added plugins. I did clear the cache. I closed Firefox, which i have set to clear history, cache and cookies on closing, and logged back in and still had the issue. I'm also still having a problem with the navbar covering the top line of new posts.
  4. Don't know if it's the navbar or the marketplace. This happens when you scroll down on a maketplace page. The currency selecter overlaps the navbar.
  5. I read a column today about ChatGPT, the author had this do say. 100% true.
  6. Baby steps. Rome wasn't built in a day.
  7. Not on mine. ***Edit...well sometimes it works and other times it doesn't.
  8. I was disappointed when AOL switched from floppy disks to CD's. Just push the write protection tap over and it was free backup storage.
  9. These deep fakes don't change anything. We don't have an honest media, there are no more Walter Cronkite's. They don't report the news, they shape the news to fit their own agenda. Even the so called "fact checkers" don't actually fact check..they seem to overlook inconvenient truths. The media we have now are the OG deep fakes. It's all gone downhill in the past 20 years. Ratings, clicks and pushing a narrative are the priority, not honest journalism.
  10. This is nice...and it doesn't do what the old OCN version did, cover the top line of the first new post. ***Edit...guess I spoke too soon...it does it too.
  11. Looking back...DFI boards were all kinds of ugly. My first Core 2 Duo E6600 The system for the E6600. My first watercooled system.
  12. Just use OpenRGB. It doesn't need to run in the background....set up your colors and you're good.
  13. I think I'm too excited to build it to spend time taking pics and making posts. Maybe on the second one. I plan on building one of the smaller Voron mods. It will be one of these. Can't decide between the Salad Fork or Tiny-T.....but then the duel extrusion ones are cool too....decisions.....decisions.
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