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  1. Hopefully your ambient temp doesn't fluctuate too much. I've had swings of +/-2F cause instability, from tight CO and RAM overclocks.
  2. There is a exe in the x64 folder: RAM Test\x64\KGuiV2.exe
  3. GitHub - LeagueRaINi/KGuiV2: A custom gui for karhu GITHUB.COM A custom gui for karhu. Contribute to LeagueRaINi/KGuiV2 development by creating an account on GitHub.
  4. 6400C28 tuned and at limit of vSOC. Required 50mV bump from GDM on for VDD, VDDQ, VDDIO, and tRDRDSCL=5.
  5. For safety measure, you should run a chkdsk and sfc /scannow. I've had corruptions from things like that not show until a Windows updates goes awry and nothing can fix it besides a reset or install.
  6. Passed GSAT 1 hour, so not too surprised these Buildzoid copy-pasta timings passed 20K karhu (easiest 1-day memory OC): DDR3-2666 11-13-13 and DDR4-4000-14-14-14 used to take 2 weeks to stabilize.
  7. For sure, I used both of their vids as starting points and learning material. Most of Buildzoid's RAM settings worked for me
  8. I had initially followed the Skatterbench ECLK+CO method and did get 107ECLK working well, gaming, compiling stuff, and then I ran AIDA64 SHA3... insta BSOD. I had to lower ECLK all the way down to 102.5 before the BSOD's stopped. After re-tuning with CPU-Z AVX2 and AVX512, I'm now at 102 with per-core CO's. Take Skatterbench and Buildzoid with some salt on this...
  9. CPU-Z challenges below. These seem to be even harder to pass than AIDA64 SHA3, so good luck (Your stable oc's may crash or BSOD):
  10. Upgraded from 9900K @ 5.15GHz 0AVX 1.304v. The smoothness in FPS games is unreal. 7800X3D (SP96) DR5=6400 FCLK=2200 ECLK=102 MULT=50.5X BOOST=5151MHz Found something even more failure-prone than AIDA64 SHA3 -- CPUZ (v2.06) AVX2 (v19.01.64) and AVX512 (v19.01.64). CO -25 was passing 20x+ SHA3 runs, LinPackExtreme, y-cruncher. Run CPU-Z AVX2 or AVX512 benchmark = insta reboot. Retuned each core with Process Lasso and arrived at: -20*/-20/-15/-20/-20/-20/-15/-20 Performance Test 10.2 brutality on an Alpha Core1 waterblock and SuperNova radiator:
  11. 32" 4K OLED 240Hz can't arrive soon enough. I plan to run custom Super Ultrawide resolutions like 3840x1440 but at 240Hz, double that of what I can do now with the LG C1. The higher DPI and nits will be awesome. However, ASBL/ABL and lack of BFI will suck. Man BFI at 240Hz will be nutz.
  12. No doubt about that being needed. However, there is an obvious priority for VR and that is frame pacing. Having the visuals rendered at just a few millimeters away from the retnas will make any kind of stutter a jarring experience. I hope viewers understand what's important in this video, albeit it's just a few pixels:
  13. Bring it on. VR really needs these levels of performance. Also, OLED motion clarity at 240Hz demands it.
  14. things that become mass produced just lose value.. bye bye anime
  15. I did noticed he blinked once, so make sure you don't blink throughout the video, or you'll miss it. ~5.2GHz all-core boost on CCD0 to work with V-Cache should smooth out gameplay a lot.
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