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  1. Ever heard of Apeman? It’s the budget gopro. Should do the trick but image stability might not be great. It’s like $50 so don’t expect a whole lot. Otherwise, go for a used Hero 4, 5 or 6. Should be under $150 all in with a mount. I prefer helmet mount or vehicle mount (car, bike, sled etc.) instead of chest. Just a more enjoyable PoV in my opinion. I have an OG Go Pro, my wife had the 4 (can’t seem to find it), and I bought my dad an 8 recently. The more recent ones are stupidly good but personally, the 4 will do you good. Does 1080p 120 if I recall correctly.
  2. Could you install a mount that allows you to swing the TV out of that nook, beyond the finish face of the brick / brick veneer? Or is that not a concern?
  3. Quick update: I'll not be updating thread throughout April and into early May. Primarily due to work schedule. If anyone wants to jump and add posts with any interesting updates, by all means Please do so If you have any comments for the sheet, you should be able to write them on the sheet directly, and I can QA, adjust accordingly. My schedule (3rd post) broke for some reason. I've deleted it for now, will fix it when I have more spare time. Lower priority. In other news, there was a very interesting announcement showcase that aired I believe last week. Called the Triple I (iii) Initiative. Basically a play on AAA (definition for $100m+ budget games), but indies. Not sure what to make of the name lol but the games highlighted seem very interesting. Full rundown here: Complete List of Titles Revealed During The Triple-i Initiative 2024 BLEEDINGCOOL.COM Earlier this week, the The Triple-i Initiative held a new hour-long livestream showing off new games and updates of indie titles on the way.
  4. I've been out of the loop for a while, haven't played games in weeks but damn... I am impressed @Avacado I need to catch up!
  5. Honestly don't know what's best. Not an expert but I always just ask my coffee shop what they do and they store beans in containers. So I went ahead and bought an "airscape" container. As you push the lid down, it pulls out any air from the storage space. Essentially vacuum seals the beans. I paid about $50 CAD for a medium container that holds approx. 1Kg. Airscape Coffee Storage | Planetary Design PLANETARYDESIGN.COM Airscape® brings you the best coffee storage canisters. Keep goods fresh with the patented inner lid which forces excess air out and keeps freshness in.
  6. You can still get flavour out of a dark roast. I’m no coffee roaster but I think there is a lot of nuance to how you roast and can still obtain unique flavours up to a point. Personally if it’s super oily and roasted to hell and back, I can’t notice it. My local coffee shop always has a medium roast and dark roast in their grinders. I swap around between them because the beans they use get a real nice smokey chocolate type flavour. Like a peated whiskey. Same shop that reco’d Stereo. I do have to say, this is not a flex lol, a good brew process can make the difference. I couldn’t notice as much of the diff between good dark roast and so-so one with my delonghi espresso machine. I’d personally suggest to you to use up your Echo if it’s pre ground to get the most out of it while it lasts before you open another bag Have fun exploring new beans
  7. Just seeing this now - yea it’s pricey but it’s fantastic. I still think Kicking Horse is the best value. Like it’s a B tier coffee at an S tier price. Whilst Stereo is an S tier coffee at an A tier price. It’s expensive but compared to other local roasters, it’s quite affordable. You also get a decent discount when you buy in bulk. The 2lb bag I bought was $44 CAD. Which is probably around 32-34 USD. Still, I can drive there but I implore you to find your local roaster. Start by speaking to your coffee shop if in doubt, as they have those B2B hook ups The other Barroco brand I bought was more expensive and IMO only A tier. Still very good but not as good value and quality compared to Stereo.
  8. Started to make Iced Tea with the leftover Tealish, black teas we have. Super fun with honey and lemon. Also bought a larger bag of Echo espresso (2lbs) and another bag of blend as a gift.
  9. PC / Steam Progress: Nintendo Switch Progress:
  10. 2024-03-22 - Release Update Heads up that today marks a unique milestone. It's that time where large corporate developers release their final title to boost their FY results XD. So with that said.... Alone in the Dark PC, PS, XB March 20, 2024 Horizon Forbidden West™ Complete Edition PC, PS March 21, 2024 Dragon’s Dogma II PC, PS, XB March 22, 2024 Princess Peach: Showtime! NS March 22, 2024 Rise of the Rōnin PS March 22, 2024 Quick notes: Alone in the Dark is hovering around high 60's on Metacritic. Not great but it's fairly affordable on GMG, doesn't have DRM, and heard it's actually quite fun from friends. Horizon Forbidden West is looking like an excellent port on PC. Dragon's Dogma II is reviewing exceedingly well, high 80's, but also has quite a few technical issues, predominately CPU limited. Sheet will be updated before end of day. Updated*
  11. Let me know when you get to my level, then we talk. Reported for abuse XD
  12. When I first started, I leaned too hard to two suits. Which sucks when a boss blind debuffs one. Avoid that riff raff and those + 4 mults to a suit. That’s really only helpful for the first few antes but it cannot scale well. Especially as flushes don’t scale nearly as well as 3 of a kind or 4 of a kind. Watch carefully some of the jokers. Some require you to play a hand, where others require your hand to contain a hand. Example: I had a joker that gave me +12 mult if my hand contained 3 of a kind. I still get that mult if I go full house or 4 of a kind or 5 of a kind. The other tricky one is when all cards played in the previous ante are also debuffed. Skipping at least one blind per ante usually helps mitigate that one. I also recommend you burn all your discards early before playing hands, generally speaking. Sometimes you get a crappy RNG and not much you can do. Other times, with a bit of luck, you can last a few antes to start to convert your deck the way you want to. It just takes a bit of time to really unlock meaningful vouchers and jokers. Try different decks if you’re running into a brick wall and always watch your economy. $20 is my baseline once I get out of Ante 4. All in, I’ve only won about 10 times so far out of maybe 100 runs XD. Last but not least, sorry for all the edits, I found a youtuber / streamer dude who outlines some pretty good strategies.
  13. Sorry OP, I've corrupted your thread and got too many people addicted to this crack card game XD Balatro 1440p Did my first "Fibonacci" run, which adds +8 mult per each A,2,3,5,8 played. Leaned into 3 of kinds with my jokers. Used the spectral deck (first time win with it), which you'll gents will discover soon.
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