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  1. I wasn’t aware IceMan made a direct-touch block now. I have their original kit that works extremely well. They’re pumping out great products, and a lot easier to get than the foolishness that is dealing with SuperCool. nice
  2. Apologies if I’m late to the topic; one of the biggest things I find annoying about the “latest” section is that it tells me who started the topic, rather than when the last post was. I found myself visiting the same threads often, thinking there had been an update because it was at the top of the “Latest” list, and then realizing it hadn’t changed at all. My 2c ; “last post by xxx 2 days ago” is much more pertinent information than who the OP is, imo. That last example is fantastic!
  3. lol i feel like you took it to the absolute extreme. most people when arguing pcie speeds are talking about 4.0 x8 vs x16, or 3.0 x8 vs x16. in most cases there is no difference with 99% of GPUs
  4. I'd be OK with "respect" just getting tossed. I feel like I use it in such weird ways lol. I like the "bulb" for "Good Idea"!
  5. Been dealing with intermittent issues with the Golf R the past ~2mo. It all started when the weather got cooler. Went through plugs+coilpacks, thought it was maybe a bad tank of gas (since it was so intermittent).. ended up being a loose turbo inlet. The screw is at the back of the motor near the firewall. I felt like the inlet had a little too much play and bam, that was it. The behavior did not lead me to believe it was a boost-leak, but with the leak being where it was, makes sense since it was after MAF calculations so it was not getting intended air, or in some cases, potentially getting too much air and causing backpressure. The stock IS38 at 52K miles pushing 380 crank is still tight as can be in terms of shaft-play or any indication of an unhappy turbo. did find a bit of blowby at the turbo inlet, but I will re-check this in a month or so now that the turbo inlet piping is re-sealed and tightened down again.
  6. It really comes down to what you want to use the system for. Is this a situation where you don't care much about memory speeds? Then the Z690 ACE w/ DR sticks @ 5600, maybe 6000 if you get lucky, will be fine. If you want a higher chance of running higher speed memory, let's say ~6400+ with DR sticks, then I'd go Z790. You'll have better chance running DR sticks on a Z790 4-DIMM. Z690 4-DIMM was ... atrocious, to say the least. I would recommend, if you don't need the full 64GB, to go with 2x24 sticks (they're SR) for better compatibility. Should be able to run 7200 XMP without issues on a Z790 board. While the CPU IMC is definitely a factor, most Z690 4-DIMM boards were just bad when it cames to memory.
  7. Thanks man! We are planning on doing some island hopping. We are planning to head to Laconia as well, and then potentially head north of Macedonia if time allows. My wife just got back from a work trip in Italy for a week. The pizza and pasta photos.. I've been to Italy a few times for work as well and there is nothing like fresh pasta made in Italy with a smooth marinara sauce. Delicious.
  8. Attika (Athens) in AC: Odyssey. I love history and will be going for the first time for my honeymoon in May '24. Acre in AC1 was also awesome! Nice giveaway idea. Good luck to everyone!
  9. Personally.. I think this game is extremely overhyped. I'm shocked people are making excuses for a $70 title, but it seems there are no end of apologists for Bethesda. Between the AMD sponsorship debacle, the horrendous performance for 2016 graphics, and the mediocre gameplay.. I'm so confused why there is such a hard-line defense force for this game. Todd Howard's comments in response to questions about performance optimization were atrocious and out-of-touch. This game has embarrassing graphical fidelity at times. The textures for vegetation and flora is just sad, honestly. I've been playing RDR2 (almost done with it, what a ride!) and it wipes the absolute fuckin' floor with Starfield in terms of graphics, and RDR2 came out on PC in 2019..
  10. Built wife a PC for office/homework with spare parts, and a "cheap" 34" Ultrawide. Picked up a 3060 12GB for $250 at Microcenter to finish it. She needs speakers for her lectures (masters degree program..) and it turns out the monitor speakers are DOA. Too late to return to Microcenter, and not worth the hassle of RMA. So that means she got my Klipsch 2.1 ProMedia setup, you know, because I'm so generous and make great financial decisions (rather than buy her a cheap $20 set of office speakers), and I went and grabbed.. Triangle Borea BR03 in "Chestnut" HiFi Bookshelf Speaker - Borea BR03 - TRIANGLE Hifi WWW.TRIANGLEHIFI.COM This hifi bookshelf speaker design to be placed on a dedicated stand. The BR03 will fit perfectly in rooms ranging from 15 to 30m2. Topping PA3S amplifier Amazon.com: Topping PA3S Power Amplifier MA120702 x 2 Class D Fully Balanced Single Ended AMP 80W x 2 RCA TRS Stereo Home Audio Amplifier (Black) : Electronics Now my desk feels tiny because good lord, these BR03's are *DEEP*. They sound fantastic though, no need for a sub thanks to front-firing.
  11. 32". Mini-LED is a joke compared to OLED, and Samsung's "HDR2000" garbage marketing is a lie. It's 1000 peak nit brightness. The QC on my monitor is fine. Zero dead pixels, no issues besides things not related to the specific panel. Biggest one for me, is that the monitor goes into deep-sleep in 3 seconds, and then takes 15 seconds to turn back on. There is no way to turn this off. Took me the longest to realize that the monitor takes so long to power on, that if you don't manually wake it prior to rebooting during, lets say, memory overclocking/retraining, then you'll just get a black screen all the way to Windows. If you try and go into the BIOS, you'll get no video and have to reboot/remember to wake the monitor. The last firmware update (that was released only on their Korean website, for some reason) did help with horrendous HDR performance. The blooming was so atrocious I didn't use HDR for the first ~8-12mo of owning the monitor. It's much better now, but how the * they decided to advertise HDR so much, and then released a bloom-fest, is beyond me. It'll be the last Samsung monitor I ever own.
  12. My body is ready. I can't stand this Samsung NEO G7.. looking forward to dumping it. Just waiting on the LG (or ASUS rebrand panel). I think it'll be worth it to wait for WOLED.
  13. AMD hasn't competed at the high-end in years. This doesn't feel like news to anyone who's been in this industry for the past.. what, at this point, decade? They could barely keep up with NV while NV was running around on inferior nodes. When I heard that Lovelace would be on TSMC 5nm, I knew it was going to be bad news for competition. NV took the awful Samsung 8nm and made something dominant; AMD had a serious node advantage with TSMC 7nm and what did they do? Squander it, as usual. The reality is that AMD isn't even winning at the low-end. Intel is doing an awesome job pricing competitively, and I think Arc is an interesting product.. can't say the same about the RX7600. Considering how poor AMD's GPU section seems to be managed, it's not surprising they haven't realized Intel isn't competing with NV -- Intel is stealing what little pebbles of market-share AMD still had, and AMD is letting them. I'm hoping Intel keeps momentum going, because it's AMD's fault for the lack of competition in the GPU market. They have failed time and time again, to the point of annoyance as a customer hoping for competition.
  14. I have a Secret Labs Titan XL and I can’t wait to get rid of it. I’m giving myself another year, and then going to hunt down a used Aeron, or maybe a Steelcase since you seem really happy with it. I bought the Titan because it had great reviews, but quite frankly I just don’t think it’s the right chair for me. Nothing really wrong with it build quality wise, except my cats loved the material and I couldn’t stop them from scratching it.. so it’s all fucked up now…
  15. Snagged a coaster, came in super quick. I really like it. Wood backing feels sturdy, and the top has a nice coating. Replaced my old wooden coaster I've had for years.
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