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Silicon Power XPOWER XD80 Gen 3 NVMe Review

In a market saturated with ultra-fast Gen 4 NVMe drives, Silicon Power just released a new Gen 3 PCIe NVMe drive. The new XPOWER XD80 features solid Gen 3 read/write performance ratings up to 3,400/3,000MB/s, respectively. While it might not be the absolute pinnacle of speed that Gen 3 drives have to offer, it's certainly up near the top. However, its speed rating is not the only reason to consider this drive for your next build. The XPOWER XD80 arrives with competitive pricing, high endurance rating, and a stylish aluminum heat sink! Read on to find out more.
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T-Force Cardea Liquid NVMe Gen 3 Review

Back in the middle of 2019, Team Group released an NVMe drive with a revolutionary new cooling solution. Named the T-Force Cardea Liquid, this new drive was the first ever NVMe to be released with a water cooling solution, well, sort of. Fast forward almost two years and we're testing this drive because it's still on the market and it's still quite interesting, but maybe not what you are expecting. Keep reading to find out all about this water cooling solution Team Group developed. 
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HyperX Predator 4600MHz DDR4 Review

Today we're reviewing a high-performance memory kit from Kingston Technology. The HyperX Predator DDR4 modules are part of Kingston's HyperX - Gaming series of products, which are unique products that have been created specifically with gamers and computer power users in mind. We've got our hands on the 4600 MHz CL16-26-26 kit and plan on giving it a thorough review from an overclocking perspective. So join us as we give you the grand tour of this memory and show you what makes it worth considering for your next purchase. 
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Corsair MP600 CORE 1TB NVMe PCIe Gen 4×4 SSD

Back in January of this year, Corsair released the MP600 CORE NVMe SSD. This drive features QLC NAND flash memory and features the Phison E16 controller. Typically we've seen QLC memory offered on large capacity budget-oriented drives because of its high-density capabilities. With the E16 controller, the CORE is capable of strong performance numbers, but it's not quite as fast as a typical E16 NVMe. Follow along as we take a look at this unique drive and give you a rundown of its performance.
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