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InWin SR24-PRO AIO Review

InWin is a brand synonymous with contemporary and innovative products. Since 1985, InWin has been serving its customers high quality products, including consumer computer chassis, cooling, power supply, and those in the server markets. InWin was kind enough to send over its SR24 Pro 240mm RGB AIO for us to take a look at. Follow along as we go over the features and test results of this AIO Cooler. 
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IceGiant ProSiphon Elite Review – Taming 64 Cores

The name IceGiant ProSiphon Elite might not be the first one that comes to mind when talking about high-performance CPU coolers made for the most extreme processors, but it soon could be. Located in Austin, Texas, J R Thermal A.K.A IceGiant, while not a new company, has started to focus their cooler expertise on the mainstream consumer market. Their revolutionary new cooler utilizes an already well established technology in a very new and creative way to solve the age-old problem of removing a huge amount of heat from a relatively small surface area. Join us as we take you on a tour of this new cooler and put it to the test with both Intel and AMD platforms.
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EK-AIO Basic 360 AIO Review

EK has been at the forefront of custom PC water cooling solutions since 2003. As one of the early pioneers and today as one of the industry’s best, EK has had a long history of products for the custom PC water cooling market. Today we are privileged to be able to review one of their coolers from a new line of Budget-Oriented AIO coolers they have brought to market. Journey with us as we see what this line of AIO coolers has to offer.
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Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240 Mirror AIO Review

Today I bring a new product from Cooler Master, based off their already extensive AIO range of products, the Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240 Mirror on the surface looks to compliment any RGB enthusiast's build but how is it at cooling? Let's see what it's all about! The product includes their latest 3rd generation dual chamber pump to ensure good coolant flow consistently through the AIO. Cooler Master chose to go with a black colored product, which will fit stealthily in any build apart from the LEDs which will be visually pleasing for the RGB crowd. As with most AIOs the radiator material is made of aluminium while the block/pump cold plate is made from copper. The pump included in this product is made to last at least 70000 hours, which equates to about 8 years being on constantly 24/7, so needless to say that the pump will easily outlast the warranty period for this product. One bonus is that on top of that, the pump is very, very silent, you'll have a hard time hearing it if you'd have no other fan in your build, so check which fan header you'll be plugging it's 3-pin connector and turn it up to 100% in BIOS to maximize this AIOs capability! Even at 100%, it should only draw about 0.2A (less than 2.5W!)
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Today We'll be looking at a cooler with fairly large shoes to fill. As many enthusiasts know, the Hyper 212 Evo from Cooler Master has been the go to cooler for anyone making the decision to ditch the pre-builds and commit to building your own PC. Let's see if the V2 can match or better the V1.
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Corsair iCUE H115i RGB PRO XT Liquid CPU Cooler Review

Corsair recently made updates to their legendary line of hydro series coolers. Today we are reviewing the H115i RGB PRO XT. This latest edition has been optimized for large heat demands while keeping fan noise to a minimum. To accomplish this, Corsair pairs their 240mm radiator with high quality ML series fans, and a newly designed cold plate. Join us as we evaluate this all-in-one cooler and put it to the ultimate test with our HEDT X299 test bench.
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