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Crucial P5 M.2 NVMe SSD Review

Founded in 1996, Crucial is one of the top sellers of DRAM and storage modules for the PC market. As a brand of Micron, one of the largest memory manufacturers in the world, they've got a direct line to manufacturing and engineering to bring some of the best products possible to the PC community. So when Crucial released a newly designed NVMe storage solution, we took notice. Named the P5, it's their newest SSD to enter the retail space and it appears to be a good storage choice whether you're using it for gaming or professional purposes. Follow along as we put this drive to the test and compare it to some of the very best Gen 3 drives out there. 
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Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB Review: Everything you want from DDR4

Crucial developed the Ballistix MAX series of DDR4 memory for gamers and performance enthusiasts looking to push beyond standard limits. Composed of the highest-quality memory ICs, the Ballistix MAX was born with overclocking and high-performance computing in mind. Being Crucial's highest-tier DDR4 offering, our interest was peaked, to say the least. We've obtained a test sample of this memory and we're going to put it to the ultimate test. Join us as we overclock this memory and give you a full product tour.
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