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HyperX Predator 4600MHz DDR4 Review

Today we're reviewing a high-performance memory kit from Kingston Technology. The HyperX Predator DDR4 modules are part of Kingston's HyperX - Gaming series of products, which are unique products that have been created specifically with gamers and computer power users in mind. We've got our hands on the 4600 MHz CL16-26-26 kit and plan on giving it a thorough review from an overclocking perspective. So join us as we give you the grand tour of this memory and show you what makes it worth considering for your next purchase. 
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Team Group T-Create Classic 10L Review

In September, Team Group released a new product line that's targeted at creators. You might be used to seeing T-Force branded items from Team Group, but their new line is T-Create. They are marketing this line to content creators and creative professionals, but what exactly does that mean? Follow along and we'll give you a product tour with performance overclocking and attempt to answer that question for you. 
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Team Group T-Force Xtreem DDR4 4500 Review

Team Group has made a name for itself by delivering new and innovative designs for memory and storage solutions. Today we're taking a look an older DDR4 kit of theirs, but it's interesting to us primarily because it's the fastest kit they offer. In recent year's we've seen the gold standard for Samsung based memory modules increase from 4000 MHz all the way up to 4800 MHz in terms of XMP rating. The T-Force Xtreem doesn't fuss around with flashy RGB LED's, instead, the series delivers a super high-quality aluminum heat sink with speedy XMP ratings all the way up to 4500 MHz. We already hinted that they are Samsung based, but follow along as we put this memory to the test and see what kind of overclock profiles are possible.
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