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InWin: Sirius Pure and Sirius Loop Fan Review

Who better to design a great case fan than the innovative and forward-thinking case manufacturer, InWin, Wait! Didn’t I do that introduction already? Today I have 2 new and completely different case fans from InWin, the Sirius Pure and the Sirius Loop. As 120mm case fans go, these are lookers with the performance to back it up. So, at the risk of humming that Michael Jackson/Bill Bottrell song: It don't matter if you're black or white. Let's see what we find.
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InWin SR24-PRO AIO Review

InWin is a brand synonymous with contemporary and innovative products. Since 1985, InWin has been serving its customers high quality products, including consumer computer chassis, cooling, power supply, and those in the server markets. InWin was kind enough to send over its SR24 Pro 240mm RGB AIO for us to take a look at. Follow along as we go over the features and test results of this AIO Cooler. 
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InWin X-Frame 2.0 Review

Hey guys, today I bring you a very special case. It's very niche, it's overkill in so many ways, but oh so beautiful! Here's my review of the InWin X-Frame 2.0 (in green/black), a $1200 USD MSRP case, which by itself it more than your average mid-performance gaming tower, let's see what makes it so expensive and how this case might just be the case for you!
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