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Cooler Master MK850 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Today we have been given the pleasure to take a deep dive into the MK850, one of Cooler Master's latest offerings in the mechanical keyboard arena. The MK850 with it's "Aimpad" technology and low actuation cherry MX switches place it comfortably in the mid-range space. Cooler Master, the Taiwan based OEM most famously known for it's Hyper EVO 212 has been manufacturing keyboards since 2012 under it's CM Storm brand. Can the MK850 with it's extensive feature list give CM a lasting foothold in the peripheral space? Ladies & Gentleman, change your favorite RGB presets and let's see what team purple has to offer.
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Logitech G903 Lightspeed Gaming Mouse Review

Logitech are one of the leading brand when it comes to PC peripherals. They have a large range from keyboards (membrane/mechanical), mice, joy sticks, racing wheels and speakers. They have come a long way since they launched their first mouse, the P4 back in 1982. In fact, later this year the company will be celebrating their 40th anniversary, so kudos to the Logitech Team. Today we are going to be taking a look at the critically acclaimed G903 Lightspeed Gaming mouse, the successor to the valued G900. Logitech have kindly supplied EHW with the G903 Lightspeed Gaming to review.  So let's delve in.
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Corsair 5000D Airflow Review

Corsair is a company that continues to evolve and offers a complete PC ecosystem. While RGB, tempered glass and airflow are all included in their design choices, they offer a wide range of cases. Their products include budget, mid-range, and enthusiast options. Today I will be reviewing a new case, the 5000D airflow, and doing a system build guide. The 5000D is a step up from the previous 4000 series.
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Sound Blaster X AE-5 Plus: Sound Card Review

Soundblaster, a name that PC users and enthusiasts have grown up with for years. Creative, the creator of the Soundblaster series of sound cards have been with us since 1981 and a worldwide leader in audio technologies. In 1989, they bought us the now famous and recognized name of Soundblaster. Since this time Creative have released a swathe of different audio products for the PC market, most notably the dedicated sound card. It was an easy choice back in the day, if you wanted quality sound for both game play and music alike, you purchased a dedicated sound card as it was most of the time far better than your onboard sound hardware. However is this the case now all these years later now that onboard sound hardware has vastly improved ? Today we are looking at the Soundblaster X AE-5 Plus, a dedicated sound card for the PC.  Read on to see what we find.
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Corsair’s K60 RGB Pro Mechanical Keyboard & KATAR Pro Gaming Mouse Review

It’s a fair statement that a keyboard and mouse are the most important part of any computer rig! Without them, we would be stuck with a box as good as a paper weight. You could even say keyboard and mice have become an extension of our limbs. So, it’s important that they are reliable, comfortable and responsive. Even consoles manufactures have seen the light and have enabled their consoles to utilize them. Corsair have kindly sent us the K60 RGB Pro Mechanical Keyboard and the KATAR Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse to review. Let's see how they fair.
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