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Google has an ambitious plan to make chips less hackable

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  • [WIRED] Google has an ambitious plan to make chips less hackable

    The chips that power all our devices – from smartphones to servers in data centres – are vulnerable to attack. The earlier a hacker can get in to a system, the more power over it they can have. And if they attack a device as it's turning on, they can take full control.

    In 2017, Google unveiled its Titan security chip that's since been used in its servers and Google-branded smartphones. Titan checks the firmware and software that's being loaded as a machine boots up and cryptographically checks it is correct – reducing the chances of boot attacks.
    But the chip is proprietary and isn't used outside of any Google products. Now, the company has a plan to change this. Alongside a handful of partners, including Swiss university ETH Zurich and Western Digital, it's taking some of its tech and making it available to anyone.
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