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Comet Lake to Allegedly Feature 10 Cores With up to 5.3GHz Thermal Velocity Boost

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  • [TOMS HARDWARE] Comet Lake to Allegedly Feature 10 Cores With up to 5.3GHz Thermal Velocity Boost

    A new flood of leaks has flowed onto the net, so it increasingly looks like Intel will launch its 10th-Gen Core CPUs for the desktop, codenamed Comet Lake, at CES in early January. Most notably, according to the latest leaked information, the i9-10900K will feature 10-cores with a maximum “velocity boost” of 5.3GHz. The new chips should also mark the debut of the new 400-Series chipset.
    According to Informatica's slides, the K-series of overclockable CPUs all have a 125W TDP, HyperThreading, UHD Graphics 630 and support for DDR4-2933 and 40 total platform PCIe 3.0 lanes. The slides also point to enhanced core and memory overclocking support and ‘Active Core Group Tuning.’ Other notable listings include Intel Rapid Store Technology (Likely IRST), and Wi-Fi 6 and 2.5G Ethernet support.

    Logically, the Core i9-10900K would succeed the i9-9900KS. It features 10 cores and 20 MB of cache and has a base frequency of 3.7GHz, but this is improved via a new boost technology for the desktop. The single-core turbo frequency is listed at 5.1GHz, but this is extended to 5.2GHz with Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0, and further improved to 5.3GHz with Thermal Velocity Boost (TVB), which has now apparently expanded from the mobile segment to the desktop. If intel sticks to the same tactic it used for the mobile space, the TVB opportunistic boost will kick in when the processor falls below a 50C temperature threshold, so much like the standard TurboBoost frequencies, it won't be guaranteed in all conditions. The slides also list the all-core turbo at 4.9GHz.

    Unless Intel priced this accordingly I dont see people spending more for a 10core than a 12core cpu


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    Wait...New CPU, New Chipset but no PCI-E 4 ? Hopefully that is not the actual case as that would be a little absurd if that turns out to be true. They would be handing their own head on a silver platter to AMD.
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