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  1. You are all set...now you can get that Rolls Royce Spectre ! 3 tons is (just) enough to lift a Rolls Royce Spectre completely off the ground... but put a few more napkins and a box of champagne in the trunk and the weight goes over 3000 kg
  2. It was time to replenish my home office PSU reserves for units with 1200W and up (used the last one I had available in a recent work-related build). I checked the reviews on this TT and they are quite decent...and it was on sale for just under ~ US$ 200
  3. ...fortunately, my new PHEV has redundant analog switches and knobs for heat/climate and also sound system - but to reset trip odometer, I have to dive into the computer sub-menus ...great power and fuel consumption, though - and I like that the electric motor is integrated into the transmission; the 'feel' is the same as with my previous non-hybrid beemers.
  4. ...try a new car with its information overload . Never mind the 8 configs of the driver display, here (spoiler) are 6 out of 12 center screen options (before sub menus). No wonder we '''need''' autonomous driving aids because folks are too busy flipping through menus looking for an index for warning lights instead of looking at the road ahead. On the plus side, the software is based on BSD...
  5. ...I need to flush and update that CPU/GPU loop anyway; first put this loop together in early 2021 and with QD4s, just updated CPU and GPU / blocks without replacing fluids - fluids still look fairly good for 3 years +...just not sure yet if I will use the PTM7950 paste or pads on the CPU as well as the GPU
  6. Finally, all the bits for maintenance / update of the 7950X3D / 4090 custom loop have arrived...now, I just need to find the spare time
  7. ...got to get a new office chair one of these days. I had a really nice IKEA swivel high-back office chair that was the most comfortable over the longer working/gaming stretch, but the metal neck underneath has been welded once already.
  8. My fifth BMW; they start out as company car leases which I often buy out privately at lease-end...good to know how the car was treated and driven since new . The hybrid-battery range of this new one is listed as 50km - 55km, depending. But it now has just above 500km on the odometer and I have yet to charge the battery fully via chargers. Per pic below, most of the energy savings come from re-gen anyways, so for now without a separate full charge, it still manages just over 40% on e-power alone. That's with 2/3rd metro traffic and 1/3rd mountainous highway.
  9. ...very strong flavoured; we mix it with Starbucks Italian.
  10. ...new PHEV, charging at no charge ...coffees on sale...RR napkins were free
  11. ...per vids below, some are better than others; too bad you cannot use the mothorboard NVME cover which usually performs very well
  12. ....stocked back up on our morning coffees' 50:50 mix. The RR napkins are there just for fun; backstory: ...Stopped by a regular old mechanic shop I've known for years; coffee was some non-descript label in a typical household 12-cup-filer-brew setup; cups were Styrofoam (technically illegal in this city these days), the coffee pot probably saw its last good scrubbing a decade ago and the napkins were those blue shop towels ...then went on to the beemer dealer near-by to plug in my PHEV (charge at no charge ); they had a modern commercial coffee machine in a bistro-like area with 15 or so options on the machine and a Starbucks sign mounted above...nice paper cups and politically correct napkins made from recycled materials rounded out the picture ...finally, made it across the street to the Rolls Royce dealer (RR is part of the BMW group) to chat with a good acquaintance who works there, while waiting for my PHEV to finish charging. The RR coffee setup was a gleaming single-cup Italian machine; no paper cups, only nice porcelain - and those napkins... As an aside, I can't get over just how huge the RR Spectre is, especially as it is a two-door 'coupe'. It even made the RR Cullinan next to it look almost normal-sized, and that takes some doing !
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