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  1. Damn, that is sexy. I want.
  2. There is THIS as a response to your concerns. Seems you weren't the only one concerned. I am glad it will be defaulted to off unless you choose to opt-in.
  3. I 100% agree that there should be some form of oversight and regulations on AI. However, nobody is going to stop AI from happening, the momentum is too strong. Special interest groups and lobbyists will ensure that people stay silent and allow AI to take whatever form it will become. At least AI whistleblowers aren't getting killed like the two Boeing employees who turned up dead.
  4. Don't think I will make this one. In the process of exchanging folding rig base platform and need to do loop maintenance as it's been over a year. EVGA X99 Classified is getting replaced with an ASUS sWRX8 Sage board and 3945WX for 128 PCI-e 4.0 lanes. I am hoping this will somewhat future proof me for a few years when I transition newer GPU's downstairs to the rig like my 4090 when the 5090 comes out.
  5. And degenerate activities from last week.
  6. There is something wrong with your cup, it doesn't say EHW on it.
  7. Avacado


    Welcome to the fam. Joe is viral right now.
  8. You need to cancel your flight and drive the Mustang to ATL. How we supposed to pick up chicks in Stephens beater?
  9. Friday night around 2230 hours in Western North Kackalaky
  10. Sigh, Leaked, leaked, leaked.... Yea, all these leaks feel purposeful. I used to get excited about upcoming releases, now they just tick me off and I find myself waiting for reviews and not wanting to read about the hype anymore.
  11. @pio Don't forget to flush that rad multiple times. I promise that it will clog your blocks if you don't clean it right.
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