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  1. I agree that it likely did not happen. Everything I've seen about this lawsuit is pretty vague on details with the accusations. America's Army was a recruitment tool, not marketing for guns. I played it, it was very much not marketing for guns.
  2. I've got to imagine there is more at play here behind the scenes than windows simply storing a bunch of unencrypted screenshots locally that can potentially show sensitive information, because that would indeed be stupid.
  3. That's a good point. Almost all school shooters are young men, and most young men play video games. Might as well blame school shootings on porn and McDonalds.
  4. There are always going to be some bad parents out there, and there will always be violence in entertainment. The Uvalde shooter's mom was a drug addict. In a world full of people, some of them are going to be bad. Instead of having an unrealistic expectation that no one will ever want to hurt other people, we just need to make it harder. Waiting periods, background checks, perhaps even a higher age requirement. These are the kind of things that could help fix the problem, and most people left or right agree on that but it always gets blocked by gun lobbying groups. It is weird that people can buy guns before they can legally smoke and drink in the country.
  5. I wouldn't say this is controversial simply because it's so obviously a frivolous lawsuit. If COD is guilty, then so is the entire entertainment industry. Although I suppose if it's true that a gun maker actually used COD as marketing material, that does at least raise an eyebrow.
  6. Thx. I'm not a photo guy. More an auto correct/prediction guy.
  7. Sorry for the multiple posts. Seems to be the only way to upload a ton of high res pics. In the screens above, I have removed chromatic aberration. I could have removed the black bars, but I prefer the cinematic effect. These screenshots are all taken at 95% 4K render res (TSR at 95%) so there is very minimal upscaling. To remove chromatic aberration: Add these lines to your engine.ini file r.NT.Lens.Distortion.Intensity=0 r.NT.Lens.Distortion.Stretch=0 r.NT.Lens.ChromaticAberration.Intensity=0 r.NT.DOF.RotationalBokeh=0 r.NT.DOF.NTBokehTransform=0 Having played with different graphics settings, IMO the best way to play this game is to target 30FPS and as minimal upscaling as you can get away with. For such a cinematic game, 30 FPS is very comfortable.
  8. https://www.techspot.com/news/103121-nvidia-reports-record-revenue-amid-global-ai-boom.html Good news for anyone with Nvidia stock.
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