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  1. BADASS. I has on CD. Lucky enough to be near Long Beach, CA 80's 90's so lots good stuff form KJAZZ (UCSLB)... it was KLON back then. Two things I'm fond of memory wise. Many people have ooogles of shows, concerts and events they've been to. Me? Worked too damn much. But I will say my top visits to live events have been (in order of best) 1. BB KIng Live @ MBPAC w/ Shamika Copeland - who did Sunrise a 'Capella together... unbelievable experience. Got me a BB signed poster that night.. 2. Taj Mahal & Charlie Musslewhite at the LBBF late mid 90's - Taj n Charlie just went on... and on.... and on... unreal. 3. Clairy Browne & The Bangin' Rackettes - at a little venue in HB, SoCal... opening show for her 'America' tour.. too bad she didn't last with a group - went solo and ruined herself. Her + group was ... incredible for a modern day take on showmanship.... Honorable mention cause I just feel lucky enough to have had the chance... got to see Tom Petty in Anaheim before he passed. The man is a legend, no doubt. No one quite compares.
  2. Annnnnnnnnnnd a lil Hammond does Waites...
  3. Man I looked at stuff for about a week. I am rethinking myself now into two options, not for much other than simplicity. That MORA rad (which I'm sure has made it's rounds already in the WC community) definitely seems to be the best option for the actual performance side of it; that said it is massive. Either that or a AIO 420; - less maintenance all around I suppose. Along with finding out I'll need extra parts on hand (no issue there), I am curious to know if a custom loop is really worth the "hassle" (if you will) of obtaining "highest possible performance" outside of extreme options beyond water. I'm not here to break any records, rather was curious if putting a spare chip under water might produce better clocking results due to ability to crank vcore (somewhat). I am not trying to talk myself out of it, I am trying to find my vantage point between "this makes sense" and "nope, this doesn't".
  4. puhpoppunkrockrollnalternateitback moody
  5. I had NOT seen that. WOW that does look dope. Ooh lucky me I get paid today... LOL
  6. Have you or are you gonna get the new remaster? Any good?
  7. Awesome. Gives me bunch to look into over the next few days. Rad. So rad. Excited.
  8. Awe man dope! Roger that on biocide. I've got two 140's SW4 pro's on an AFII and WOW. Definitely on the list for maybe 120's of them for a 360. I'm thinking a 360 is maybe overkill for the CPU, but also maybe not because of unlocked PL1/PL2 ratios... Hmmmm. What's the general consensus on flex versus firm tubing? The obvious is flexibility if you're not measured things I assume, but are there performance and/or quality concerns with materials involved via flex versus firm? I'm gonna spend a good amount of time this weekend looking at AC and Bitspower. Might you or anyone offer 2 cents on whether or not it might be better to source all parts from one vendor instead of mixing? I'm thinking that's likely a best first-timer move, but not sure. On my AIO experiences (have had several including the *IIRC* the first Antec Khuler?), generally speaking I used all fans on RADS as intakes (whether top or front mounted) with various intake/exhaust options per build/config (some needed cooler internals, others not as much). But, with a "quote" (LOL), real watercooled PC, I'm guessing that since I'm aiming for CPU only this go then I'd be opting to exhaust that head out instead of in. So, in my mind (visually), either front or top exhaust. I'm really diggin the Thermaltake CTE500 full tower. Not so much the connections from the top, but the vertical mounting position with no GPU sag. Looks dope IMHO.
  9. I am about to embark on my first WC parts collection to build my first loop for CPU only. 10850K since I have parts to begin a second build. Goal: Familiarize myself with WC parts and so forth; researching parts for correct fittings/cases, etc; and giving the CPU the max headroom for clocking. Whatever the results end up - good or bad - I am aiming for a learning experience over performance. Though, performance will be the secondary goal obviously. What the community can provide: I hope anyone and everyone could chime in with their subjective and objective opinions on parts or theory or anything. I'll likely use this thread as a starting point and being a new build-log thread and try to make it pretty/presentable. What I have & what I need: I have CPU/GPU, mobo, RAM, storage; I need a case, PSU and CPU cooling parts. Let me see if I have the basics: CPU block Pump Radiator Fans Coolant mix (still researching but looking at 50/50 mix, or 25/75, OR in between those two) For all of the available companies that offer watercooling solutions (custom build), EK, and such, who stands out in the crowd? I don't need to go to extremes with the highest of tiers, but I am inclined to at least buy middle-upper end parts because I do believe quality succumbs to all other variables (whatever they may be). Thoughts from all of our beloved EXHW community?
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