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  1. Apparently you can enter the hex offset manually of your unique Clock Generator in ClockGen. I don't know how to do this?
  2. How to use Clockgen to overclock Winbond W83527HG?
  3. Hi, there is this chassis I had my eye on which is kinda neat, but it takes 1U PSU & only single slot gpu (chassis is 187mm L x 89mm W x 228mm H). The WX 5100 cooler is 173 mm length, so it'll fit. I'd just like some more power & vram. What do you guy's think?
  4. ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -r 1 frames/out-%03d.jpg I found this but it doesn't give the complete command to capture with amd hardware acceleration to speed up the process? The video in question is HEVC H265, so this may be in order... hevc_amf FFmpeg: Encode x264 with AMD GPU on Windows? STACKOVERFLOW.COM I am currently trying to record a Video on my Lenovo Laptop with its Built-In Webcam using FFmpeg on Windows 10. One of my goals is to keep the CPU Usage as low as possible, that's why i want to pu... *Update* ffmpeg -i input.mp4 d:\screenshots\ffmpeg_captures\out%03d.jpg [out#0/image2 @ 000002b9e50b1fc0] video:833098KiB audio:0KiB subtitle:0KiB other streams:0KiB global headers:0KiB muxing overhead: unknown frame= 4473 fps= 19 q=24.8 Lsize=N/A time=00:02:29.24 bitrate=N/A speed=0.625x It achieved 19 fps, over what it did before was 1.2 fps & the cpu was at 100% the whole time. So my question now is how to keep the highest source quality on the .jpg output & add anti-aliasing & dithering to further the enhancement? Thanks
  5. All i have now is a vega 56. It supports encoding up to from what I can tell max 4096x2304.
  6. Best video software that can apply shaders to a video or movie and encode it, enhanced? I use dx9 shaders in mpc be for enhanced video renderer (custom presenter), like Unsharp Mask & Remap 16 235. How do I make my movies & videos looks cleaner & better by adding anti aliasing possibly & unsharp mask at the same time, by shader stacking & encoding said film? Thanks
  7. Bing search history & browsing history, it's all being saved & synced even if I uncheck mark box the "Do not sync history". It still shows up in Windows search history...
  8. How to completely permanently disable all history of all types completely from my Microsoft Account, like Google allows. Microsoft seems not to allow such a thing.
  9. I spent like 75 on my LG BH6720S 3D BluRay Home Theater Receiver, but you could pick up a perfect condition one for like 50 today. Then I bought 100 feet of fire alarm wire solid copper 16 awg 2 conductor cable that supplies top quality audio fidelity to my Sony 5.1 speaker system. Way higher quality than standard frayed copper or aluminum wire. It can carry cleaner current to & from the receiver to the speaker. The cable cost like $25 & the 5.1 Sony speakers were like 75, add a high quality digital optical cable call it 20, thats a total of 50 + 25 + 75 + 20 = 170 bucks not bad if you ask me. You'll get clean 1536kbps DTS 5.1 & pristine 640kbps Dolby Digital from it over SPDIF Digital Optical. It doesn't support HDMI Input so that's why it won't support the advanced formats, but it supports all the advanced formats internally and it can playback H264 only 1080p but up to Dolby True HD & DTS Master Audio internally over a FAT32 USB drive.
  10. How to completely permanently disable Microsoft Account history?
  11. Thanks yeah i think it was the overclock to 1675mhz at 900mv, because i reduced it to 1563mhz and its stable now so far.
  12. I keep getting a freeze up while in game, why? At about 30-35GB of committed virtual memory is when it occurs. I can't figure it out. What settings should improve stability of the system? It freezes & reboots, no bsod or anything. Is it because I have the Vega gpu undervolted to 900mv @ 1675mhz? HT1 runs at 1200mhz vs stock auto is 2600mhz
  13. It always ignores me setting the ram speed for some reason? I tried cmos reset to no avail. What do u think of this on my CPU, the AMD Opteron 4386 how to force it into 3.8Ghz speed?
  14. Samsung M386B4G70DM0-CMA4 is RDDR3-1866, right? Integrated peripherals / components Memory controller The number of controllers: 1 Memory channels (per controller): 2 Memory channels (total): 2 Supported memory: UDDR3-1866, RDDR3-1866, ULV RDDR3-1333
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