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  1. Yeah I always bought razers extended warranties to make life easier. I don't really bring them on work travel anymore and don't travel enough to warrant super slim like the razer so I was thinking about branching out to save a bit.
  2. @ENTERPRISE What did you end up picking up if anything? I'm looking at a similar choice right now, with my kids still being younger I'm a few years from really desktop gaming again. I'm usually downstairs on the couch or table hanging out. I was looking at the new version of the asus rog scar with mini led. I'll probaby try and hold off for newer gen gpus as I feel buying a 4 series right now isn't the smartest choice. I have been looking at the legion, scar, and blade. All 16".
  3. I have never used an ultrawide, but I did buy a 48" lg oled and love it. I went that route becuase I knew it would beused for my ps5 and regular tv as well. It was also on sale and a complete impulse purchase lol
  4. You would think it would make them cheaper lol, but not when Nvidia is in charge.
  5. I would be tempted to try android again except everyone I talk to has apple and I don't want green bubbles lol. To me its really a habbit thing, it works, I don't really do anyting but text and browse the web. Its also why I stopped getting phones every upgrade. I want until I pay it off and then get a new one.
  6. I'm at that point where my windows drive has way too much stuff in it. Tons of empty folders or files that were just left over from an uninstall. How do you guys generally clean up aside from just nuking the install and starting fresh.
  7. Well Gran Turismo was always PlayStation only wasn't it? While I think they should let this go through, I think this is the first time a hardware company has bought a publisher with this much clout and IP. As long as Microsoft continues all their releases on PC I'm good hah.
  8. What is out there that would be awesome to side load? Only thing that comes to mind for me would be taking my personal vintage game collection on the road.
  9. What do you all recommend doing on these to work better as a monitor or protect from burn in. Only thing I really did so far was auto hide the task bar and actually remember to turn it off since it doesn't shut down like a normal monitor
  10. Went to return a router, left with:
  11. I had a voodoo 5 5500 AGP back in the day. Googling it tells me it was the last of their chips to make it to normal people markets.
  12. I find the whole argument that it makes Law Enforcement judge, jury, executioner kind of funny as the same situations they would send the robot in would be the same situations they have the authority to act in that capacity. I obviously don't want them to have to fulfill that role but if it meant saving lives have at it.
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