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Everything posted by Artikbot

  1. As soon as they announce GTA VI coming out, the amount of positive press may make V's sales rebound though.
  2. Nice, I hadn't even realised I'm not on 1909 yet lol.
  3. What's the betting that GTA VI won't be out until V's online is well dead.
  4. Oh dear, it's way too hot here to fold now lol 3rd floor computer room has its advantages... and its disadvantages.
  5. I'm building a small fishers hut type thing near the icebergs, will post pictures when it's ready! (or you can always come have a look although I've barely started to clear land now)
  6. All this talk reminds me I still haven't fitted the waterblock to my GPU...
  7. I just realised I never told you my handle, it's Artikbot (hard guess eh!) On a different note maybe I'm just being dumb but I can't find the address to log into the server...
  8. I'd do nasty things at the moment to get that. This is what my sticks speed looks like.
  9. Well, my client is set up and running. I've not submitted a WU in like a billion years but hey, here's to changing that!
  10. Tried cranking the supra today. Didn't start. Fuel pump's dead. Yaaaay.
  11. Yeah by the time I want to buy it I'll be at my new place which has about 25Mb down on a clear day. Good times eh.
  12. Yay crappy Andrew's food in 4k lol
  13. @98uk Jesus man, you're running a 3 inch exhaust on that? Must be like shooting a pea from a cannon haha Also I got the radiator today installed on the Supra. Looks factory lol
  14. Good luck to those who can participate! Nice chance to win a pretty looking case.
  15. Same same, only different. Tried both official and UNi, multiple releases of either. Same behaviour. In the end I swapped to the onboard as I couldn't be bothered with the issues.
  16. Sign me in. -Onboard Realtek codec (used to run a Xonar DX but I got annoyed at its numerous bugs on W10 including but not limited to the gain bug and self-shutdown bug) -SMSL SA S3 -Technics SB-C250 I've been considering changing the amp with something a bit beefier (especially since I'm driving 60W RMS speakers through a 2x25W output), but these get louder than I've ever needed them to be, so for now that won't be the case.
  17. Not necessarily more in terms of marketshare, but CUDA implementations generally also offer superior performance. At least in more widespread applications like the Adobe software stack, where CUDA generally offers an order of magnitude better performance than OCL.
  18. Those holes are cool though, no need to fiddle opening a hatch when you can just stuff your hand and browse through it. Also it is in plain sight, so if there's nothing there you car won't be broken into lol
  19. My first guess would be that it saves in processing power -> lower running costs -> mad profit.
  20. They were alright quick around corners, those.
  21. 28 euros the four pairs. https://heeltread.com/
  22. [ATTACH=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"custom","height":"446","width":"323","data-attachmentid":1315}[/ATTACH]
  23. Well I won't say I wasn't shocked at the choice of host lol Pretty entertaining, def keeping up to date with you friendoes
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