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  1. Didn't see one of these on here yet so I'll get it started. Post your junk drawer! Mine has been migrated as the drawer kept getting stuck shut so I changed it to a now very sad looking box. I've got a random LG G7 smart phone in there, 2x 4gb sticks of DDR4, about a dozen sata cables of different length, case fan cable extenders, replacement case feet, and more stuff beyond that than even I know what to do with.
  2. I dunno I don't see any ads on my phone watching youtube and that doesn't have ublock origin? Or on my nexus player streaming box. Dunno.
  3. Running FF with ublock origin. I use Pihole on a home NAS box for youtube ad blocking before it reaches my browser. Haven't seen an ad in years with this combo.
  4. They aren't too bad to refurbish yourself. Here's a very good video highlighting a self rebuild on a caliper. ALSO: Wanted to mention that many times what people believe is a stuck caliper is in reality a failed rubber brake hose where the hardline transitions to the caliper. Many times with age these lines end up deteriorating and functioning much like a one-way valve, allowing fluid pressure to build but not to release on the back side of the caliper piston.
  5. Oh I didn't know you lived in CO! I have family and quite a few friends in both the Longmont and around the Aurora area. Actually they are moved outside of Aurora now since the city has kinda gone downhill in recent years from what I hear.
  6. Did somebody say car repair? Did some of that today. Everything is so rusted 99% of this job is fighting with seized parts. I envy those of you in southern climates, I really do. Had to cut this sway bar end link free. Fought with it trying to remove the thing the proper way and after 3 hours it was time to break out the angle grinder. Hey look spare parts! At least I think this old thing is a spare part. This is where we are at now, tomorrow I will pull the knuckle free from the remaining two nuts holding it in place. I'm cheating a little bit and replacing the ball joint/entire knuckle/wheel bearing/hub/caliper/strut so I don't have to be too careful on the removal. This one is going to be fun to crack loose. Appears to be an original part at 215k miles, meaning it's never been broken free. Likely mostly seized in place. Will assault with PB blaster and if needed the acetylene torch. Can't be tight if it's a liquid! Whole loaded knuckle ready to go on. I hate working with rusted parts. Much nicer to use fresh new parts. I pulled up a chair cause I'm getting old and figured why not. My pile of parts grew larger as I continued to work. Boy it's been a while since I've done this type of work! I've grown lazy over time lol.
  7. Welcome to the forums! We have quite the gathering of members from the old board that have migrated here - always happy to bring over one more!
  8. I wouldn't steal a bike; just take er out and clean out the carbs every once in a while. Food in the fridge is fair game unless it's got ur name on it.
  9. I was just being goofy for t3h lulz. If we can't have some fun what good is having a thread anyways lol.
  10. HR-09 or HR-10 both look like excellent options, though I think the HR-10 has a more finished appearance and would look a bit nicer once installed. Can't go wrong with either as Thermalright generally under-promises and over-delivers in my experience.
  11. Lend me the keys to ur garage and i'll make sure to get the bike out and about once a week at least Also if some food goes missing from the fridge I hope that's okay too. Man's gotta eat lol
  12. I do know the Thermalright NVMe cooler you have listed comes well recommended. If I was to get one I'd probably go with the fanless model and point a fan at it myself though. Something like this could be a good performing solution if you have the room available for it. HR-09 2280 PRO – Thermalright WWW.THERMALRIGHT.COM I will say that I have this little guy cooler and it seems to do the job on my roasty toasty WD SN750 drive. In my case my low budget motherboard didn't come with an NVMe heatsink. M.2 2280 SSD – Thermalright WWW.THERMALRIGHT.COM
  13. Speaking of mountain of parts that need to go on, I've got 4x wheel bearings and two loaded lower control arms yet to go on the lexus. Still need to get myself a stronger impact as the one I've got is pretty wimpy so it's not 100% laziness holding me back lol. Need to order at least a new driver's side strut very soon too as this one is self destructing quite rapidly.
  14. I said it in another thread but the other forums wish they were us. This is the end all be all best group of modders and overclockers and PC nuts on the web today. I'm just happy we have such a nice well curated site to congregate on. We truly are lucky in 2024 to have EHW available to us.
  15. Any time you use the brakes you are converting fuel into heat. I've managed 19.21 MPG (US) in the Lexus with just some mild driving changes.
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