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Community Answers

  1. The Pook's post in Anyone know of a Windows app that can scan for corrupt music files? was marked as the answer   
    foobar2000 + File Integrity Verifier extension
    if you have Foobar2000 2.0 or newer then it's already built in. 
  2. The Pook's post in What does 12VHPWR stand for? was marked as the answer   
    ...12V High PoWeR? that's' what I always figured. 
  3. The Pook's post in Best GPU memory test? was marked as the answer   
    windowed Unigine Heaven. scenes still render while paused. 
    bench until the card gets to max (VRAM) temp, pause on any static screen with space (so FPS is as consistent as possible), and watch the FPS counter while you increase frequency. Go until either it freezes/crashes/FPS drops. 
    if the 4000 series is anything like the 3000/2000/1000 series then performance will fall off before you get visual issues/crashes. 
  4. The Pook's post in DDR5 performance and timings on Zen 4, need help was marked as the answer   
    depends how you use your system. if you're just gaming then 1 hour is plenty. 
    I usually test for 30-60 minutes when dialing in the OC and then when I think I've got it dialed in I let it run overnight. 
    stressapptest -s XXXX -M 29000 --pause_delay 9999999999 -W --max_errors 1
    XXXX = time in seconds you want to test 
  5. The Pook's post in Crosshair IX Hero eps question was marked as the answer   
    very few consumers board with >1 EPS connector need both. the VIII Hero isn't one of them, it'd work fine with just one 
    if your PSU is multi-rail and the EPS connectors are on separate rails then maybe it'd help with balancing but beyond that (or sub-ambient CPU OCing >400W) there's no need. 
  6. The Pook's post in Cinebench Thread was marked as the answer   
    me > all 

  7. The Pook's post in Reformatting an old boot drive - can't delete partitions? was marked as the answer   
    CMD as admin -> diskpart -> list disk -> select disk <disk number> -> clean all
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