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The Pook

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  1. try GCam, GCam Go, or Open Camera. GCam is picky about what phones it'll work on but it'll probably be the better of the 3
  2. Not sure what phone you have, but try another camera app first?
  3. my X300 is getting a bit long in the tooth, and since the AsRock X600 seems to be vaporhardware at this point, maybe interested as an HTPC upgrade? doubt it'll be a true "barebones" system though, I assume it'll be a soldered laptop CPU and a laptop spec-GPU. BYO RAM/storage does not a barebones make
  4. that's like 1/5 1/100th the torque that my TDI makes, not bad
  5. Golden Needle and Jokerless can suck my wiggly dick
  6. +1 for anti-ultrawide gang strongly considering grabbing an Asus' PG32UCDM but going to wait to see if anything similar/cheaper comes around (plus it's OOS everywhere for MSRP).
  7. t-bar slide hammer and pull tabs. if any of your dents are irregular, creased, or on a body line I'd probably just pay to have someone else do it. PDR sucks
  8. jesus christ d'jango? jeremy clarkson d'jango? johnny cash d'jango? jackie chan d'jango? jim carrey d'jango?
  9. never played it and it was $1ish ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. PDR = paintless dent repair Pook Dent Remover
  11. alternatively: anyone who can hit a tiny baby sized right shift has midget digits
  12. disable "Hide Extensions for Known File Types" in File Explorer Options...
  13. anyone who willingly buys/uses a keyboard with a half-size right shift is not to be trusted
  14. maybe focus more on EHW-adjacent things? HWBOT Tweaks for better placement, F@H PPD Efficiency Tweaking, Motherboard/GPU Prep for Sub-ambient... ? "How to clear your CMOS" has 25,900,000 results on Google and even if EHW gets in the top 0.04% you're still gonna be the over 9000th result teehee
  15. me neither half expecting to get another generation with the same VRAM limits on the lower tier (<5090) cards honestly, seems like an NVIDIA move
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