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Prototype Liquid AIO Cooler Comes Without A Pump, Decent Performance With Low Noise


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Now coming to the AIO's performance, by the benchmarking done by Der8auer, he noticed relatively decent gaming and synthetic performance of the Wieland AIO, when compared to Corsair's H150i, which comes with a great onboard AIO pump. The average temperature difference between both AIOs was noted to be 8 degrees, which isn't a lot compared to the grand scheme of things.


Imagine having an AIO liquid cooler without any onboard pump, potentially getting your noise levels down to zero, well a solution has arrived.


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CPU: Intel 13900k + Top Mounted 280mm Aio
RAM: 2x24gb Gskill 6400 cl36-48-48 1.4v
PSU: Cooler Master V850 SFX Gold White Edition
MONITOR: [Monitor] LG CX48 OLED [VR] Samsung HMD Odyssey Plus OLED + Meta Quest 2 120hz
CASE: CoolerMaster NR200P White Mini ITX
SSD/NVME: 2TB Intel 660p 1tb sn850 1tb sn770
Full Rig Info



CPU: Asus Strix G15 AE 6800m 5900hx 32gb ram 1440p
RAM: MSI GT60 Dominator 870m 4800MQ
GPU: Alienware M11x R2 i7 640um Nvidia 335m 8gb Ram
MONITOR: Lenovo X270 1080p i7 7600u 16gb ram
SSD/NVME: Acer Chromebook 11.6
Full Rig Info



CPU: Ryzen 5560u
RAM: 2x32gb Sodimm
CASE: Jonsbo N1 Mini ITX
HDD: 8TB + 4TB HDD + 2 x Intel DC S3500 800GB
Full Rig Info
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Other than the pressurized radiator, this seems like it has the potential to be very affordable.
(HFC-245a [assumed] is more expensive than some other refrigerants, but still minor in BOM)
-From what I can see, everything on this demo unit (except the cold plate) was off-the-shelf.


'Kinda surprised I haven't seen more of these kinds of coolers; this cooler seems like something an HVAC tech would throw together in their spare time.

Thanks to BoggledBeagle @TPU, we have some more information.
Wieland already makes and sells Thermosiphons:


Thermosyphons - MicroCool brings decades of experience both engineering and manufacturing enhanced boiling surfaces. Brazed Construction.

The 'new' cooler in question, looks like a direct development off of those.


It appears that both the Industrial and Consumer 'attractiveness' comes from how quiet and reliable it can be.


100W Processor, to 70c. (20c ambient, 10cfm)

-is not all that impressive (if comparing to a high-performance AIO/custom loop).
However, there's lots of non-OCers that buy AIOs for their low-noise.


These Wieland thermosiphons would be even quieter, while allowing heat to immediately be put outside a chassis/enclosure.
(with reliability approaching a heatpipe aircooler)



HFC-245fa Refrigerant/Propellant is commonly used in closed-cell spray foam insulation. -and, is a replacement for Ozone-depleting Refrigerants/Propellants, previously used.
It's apparently 'safe enough' to be in existing consumer-available products and medical use.

Leaks (mishandling, age, abuse) from the Wieland Thermosyphon should not maim/kill from a single exposure, or extended extremely low-level exposure.
(The main health-safety concern with HFC-245fa is simple asphyxiation; very unlikely to occur w/ such a small volume involved.)







1,1,1,3,3-Pentafluoropropane | C3H3F5 | CID 68030 - structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification, patents, literature, biological activities, safety/hazards/toxicity information...




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