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Playstation 25th Anniversary (Roundup)

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  • [VARIOUS] Playstation 25th Anniversary (Roundup)

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    Hey guys,

    So I thought I would do a mini roundup of some of the more interesting topics relating to the PS1 on its 25th Anniversary. I think we can all recall a golden age with the PS1, or PSX as some like to call it. It for me was a golden age of gaming. Will never forget the hours spent on Final Fantasy & Metal Gear Solid series. Share your memories with us in this thread !

    December 3rd, 1994, Sony entered the video game industry — and it hasn’t been the same since.

    Twenty-five years ago, the original PlayStation ushered in the era of 3D gaming on a home console. Over that period, the company has consistently changed things up with new advancements, whether that’s the DVD storage of the PS2 or the influential twin-stick design of the DualShock controller. It’s hard to argue today that the video game industry isn’t better with Sony in it.

    The company’s influence now spans four generations of hardware — alongside a pair of portable spinoffs — and some of the biggest modern franchises in video games. That includes the likes of Uncharted, God of War, Gran Turismo, and a host of indie games and innovative titles like Shadow of the Colossus.

    How the PlayStation’s DualShock shaped modern controllers

    If you were told to draw a video game controller, what would it look like? Odds are, you’d scribble a rectangle with two downward wings for your palms to grip, a D-pad, four face buttons, shoulder triggers, and a pair of thumbsticks. In other words, you’d draw a PlayStation controller. Sony didn’t invent the controller, but it did essentially invent modern controller design, shaping the look and ergonomics of how we’ve interacted with games for over two decades.

    There’s plenty of credit to award when it comes to video game controller design. Nintendo pioneered the core button layout with the SNES (D-pad on one side, face buttons on the other), and both Nintendo and Sega beat Sony to shipping an analog thumbstick for their consoles. But ultimately, it’s Sony’s innovations and ideas that would go on to become the elemental base of what we think of as a “video game controller.”

    Remember how simple consoles used to be with this original PlayStation teardown

    The original PlayStation is turning 25 years old, and to celebrate, iFixit is turning its screwdrivers and plastic pry bars to the retro console in one of its signature teardowns. There aren’t too many surprises hiding inside the 25-year-old device, but the teardown is still neat for a couple of reasons.

    First off, it’s wild to see just how much more advanced our current consoles are compared to these earlier models. As iFixit points out, the standard, non-Pro PlayStation 4 has 50 times the processing power and 4,000 times more RAM than the original PlayStation — to the point that the original doesn’t even need a fan to cool down the internals.

    PS1 Teardown, Fun Facts & Original Specs

    Originally developed as part of a joint venture between Sony and Nintendo to make a CD-equipped SNES console, PlayStation is now one of the world’s most recognized brands. In honor of its 25th anniversary, we got our hands on the unit that started it all, the Japan-only SCPH-1000 model. And we’re celebrating the only way we know how—time to tear it down!

    How to play classic PlayStation games in 2019

    The original PlayStation was Sony’s first home console, but it came out swinging with countless classic games released during its lifespan. From well-known titles like Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil, Crash Bandicoot, and Metal Gear Solid to slightly more obscure cult hits like Parasite Eve and Legend of Dragoon, the PS1 was where you went for a vast, eclectic library of games that you couldn’t find anywhere else.

    To celebrate the device’s 25th anniversary, it’s time to dust off a few of these games. Thankfully, you don’t have to buy original PlayStation hardware to play the classics below. The discs will also work in a PS3, which is Sony’s only console that’s compatible with all PS1 games. Almost all of them have digital copies available that can run on the PS Vita and PSP, too, if you still have one of those. When applicable, I’ll also mention if there is a modern platform where each game is available. (I’m also not going to suggest picking up the PS Classic mini console unless it’s the most financially feasible option. As my colleague Andrew Webster discovered, it’s not the most loving tribute to the classic console.)

    25 years of PlayStation – the 10 games that defined the PS1

    The PlayStation brand is 25 years old today, as GameCentral celebrates the 10 games that cemented the PS1’s success on the world stage. On Saturday, 3 December 1994 the first ever PlayStation video games console was sold in Japan. As was the way back then it didn’t appear in the West until almost a year later, launching in America on 9 September 1995 and in Europe on 29 September. But by the time it did become available in the UK it was already obvious that it was set to change the face of video games forever. There’s not the slightest hint of hyperbole in that statement. Purely on a technical level, there’ll never be a bigger jump than from the 2D graphics of the Mega Drive and SNES to the 3D visuals of the PlayStation 1 generation (not until we’re plugging holodecks into our head, anyway). But while the Nintendo 64 was the most powerful console of the generation Sony made an even more important innovation, in terms of the types of games it produced and how it promoted them.
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