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  1. Just got these installed; COMPLETE BUSHING KIT - Q0969 | HARDRACE GLOBAL WWW.HARDRACE.COM COMPLETE BUSHING KIT - Q0969 - For AP2 Use Harden Rubber Equipped 26 PCS/SET + HARDEN ENGINE MOUNT + TRANSMISSION MOUNT - 6612-S | HARDRACE GLOBAL WWW.HARDRACE.COM HARDEN ENGINE MOUNT + TRANSMISSION MOUNT - 6612-S - Street Version 4 PCS/SET + APDIFF S2000 Differential Mount Kit – Hasport Performance HASPORTPERFORMANCE.COM Hasport replacement rear differential mount kit for the 2000-2009 Honda S2000 (AP1 & AP2). These replacement rear differential... What a world of difference this has made. The car feels so much more alive... it vibrates like a go-kart at idle too which honestly I love. edit - The shiny diff mounts:
  2. Making me feel nostalgic about hosting servers during class in Highschool or the multitude of Quake 3 online tournies I used to play.... Honestly, online gaming has been dead to me for ages now. The only online gaming I play is co-op with friends that's PvE (eg: D4, Minecraft, etc), the odd RTS (seems like theres way less cheating there) or racing (iRacing, AC, etc). - otherwise I just focus on story-driven games. My time is too short to be playing with kids shouting into $4 alibaba headsets the latest meme words.
  3. Has that fender been repainted? That's a lot of orange peel...
  4. It takes around 1 hour max to change them if you take your time and make sure everything done properly (torqued to spec, copper grease on the hubs, check the PSI, clean them with a rinseless solution, etc). Plus then you get the excuse to have a change of wheels and a different look. Also, first wash of the season: (this is actually before) Glad I coated it last year, but the softtop is starting to show its age (nearly 20 years soon). Don't want to think about the cost of replacing it I've owned this car the longest so far at 3.5 years compared to 3 for my Palio (white) and 2 for my Accord (silver), which is neat. Also, I feel like my cars from here on out will always be brightly or interestingly coloured. The yellow is still really neat, and I don't foresee it getting 'old'.
  5. Just get good I've driven in sub 0c temps with 'semi-slicks' - it's fun
  6. The only surprise is that they didn't expect a halo product to quickly die down in interest? It has for all of their previous halo products.
  7. Their ZMT is good, but even that I found it's just better to go with Watercool's version as it's much more pliable and doesn't harden over time.
  8. Corsair is quickly taking over the entry-level WC business, and I feel like the higher-end stuff is becoming less niche with a select few companies establishing themselves more and more in that space. Those that already go with Watercool, Optimum, etc., the 'bougie' stuff, wouldn't likely go back in a hurry to EK. And the entry-level anything business is always super competitive and has even less brand loyalty. EK has been losing customers from both, and if this is how they handle things internally - I don't see them ever correcting either path. They have long been charging premium prices for mid-range products, and while we all hoped they'd right their ways... I don't think it's going to happen.
  9. I'm planning on getting some RE71RS after these, AD08Rs just arent worth the cost/performance. They look mega neat, and I got them for free so can't complain.
  10. Lol and my AD08Rs are going to actually get too old versus wear down on tread. I guess I'm just much gentler on tyres
  11. Nice, intake pipe looks a bit... blue? How many stages are there btw?
  12. Why runflats? They generally ride horribly and cost $$$
  13. Costco loading area was quiet, so took some pics.... Not sure if I have added this here, but got the rear calipers replaced and brake fluid flushed because the RR caliper failed on my and started to slightly catch fire. Lost a centre cap in the process, and they're back ordered until June (Thanks Titan7....) Other than that, the new exhaust is really nice and barely louder than stock until you got WOT above ~6k RPM. And I *really* need to get those bushings/mounts replaced because its getting tough to be smooth between gearshifts with the flobbery diff/engine/trans mounts.
  14. Feels a bit like "Hey don't forget this sci-fi is still coming out" while Dune 2 is dominating the box office
  15. Lol very accurate, the car kinda sucks with the top up. I've done top down in the snow before, it's fun honestly.
  16. Yeah I'm going a bit OCD with this car. I go so far to clean and apply a spray-on ceramic underneath the car ever year. I did replace the kick panel because it's common for sand to gather in the 'S2000' logo and scratch it up if you don't care for it. This plastic piece alone was $400... So far in the winter I have: - New Koyorad radiator - New kick panels - New exhaust - New under bracing - Copper anti-sieze on all underchassis bolts - Replaced all the clips (very satisfying because the fender liners, etc. become super secure) - New Recaro PP in the driver side - Replaced access clips/plugs in the cabin - Coolant/oil drain and refill. - Adjusted handbrake tension - Replaced brake/clutch fluid Just ordered ID1050x injectors and have a new fuel pump carrier and Warlbro 255LPH ready to install - stock injectors are on the way out and I am very not comfortable hitting 97% duty cycle beyond 8k RPM. Then, new bushings and mounts all-around are the next order of business along with a new waterpump and Fluidampr crank pulley. I want this to be in as good of condition as possible. I have rather unrealistic standards too I have been debating if long-term I want to go stand-alone ECU (Haltech, for example) with a custom screen instead of the OEM dash.... but thats for later.
  17. Uh oh..... Well, had to remove basically the entire front end to properly secure the lower front rad hose but at least it's done properly now.
  18. Also for fun, this is how the engine bay looked when I first got the car:
  19. New Koyorad installed and coolant flushed. Now just need to start it finally for spring this year to make sure all it is all working.
  20. New front X brace and diff brace in, and changed the oil at the same time. Only need to replace the radiator and install the stiffened brake pedal then my winter upgrades will be complete.
  21. Installed the Legalis R today, was actually a lot easier than I thought. Still need to do some of the braces underneath, but that's for another day. It shaves off around 4-5kg, and should sound oem+ Old exhaust out Side by side In it goes... Installed
  22. Finally got the exhaust! Now to struggle to remove the stock exhaust, can't wait
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