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Everything posted by 486

  1. 8088 - 80286 were kind of horrible imo but nostalgia is nostalgia ? flexban
  2. Sounds like a party re work I'm good. Sitting here with Leo now with my feet up fooling with Unreal Engine (4) ban
  3. haha no big deal in those days. nice squeeze from some tweezers is all they need! how are you sir j7 of sc ban
  4. I have everything in that picture almost.. can't tell what the pentium 2 is and my 286s are an AMD 286-12mhz and harris 25mhz ban!
  5. That's quite the legendary CPU those doggies are eating. Just don't tell anybody about that expensive Pentium's FPU ban ..and yeah lol, I didn't have an android for the longest time
  6. I assume that means you're good ? Doing alright.. mentioned in the other bandom that I have a few sick here, but I'm still fine. ban
  7. goooood boiiii!!! how's it going j7sc? how's life treating you friend? ban
  8. Banned for banning people to win yourself a chair psh now to take it up with @J7SC_Orion, he'll sick the dogs for me
  9. I've had nothing but good experiences with gsync, just don't use it when you play a fast twitch shooter is all.. I'm sure you've seen that parroted through the eons ban
  10. Bad kitty bad kitty ban ban bad kitty hi hi again ban
  11. Banned cuz hi everyone. I'm alive @J7SC_Orion and @ENTERPRISE have a lot of IRL going on as I'm sure j7sc is aware Also, embarrassingly, I forgot my password to EHW and got myself locked out a bunch of times until I finally took the time to do a proper reset.. lol
  12. Banned cuz front page is looking great E. EHW is coming along nicely now.
  13. Enterprise did that on purpose to try to force me into the chats where normal people go to talk If I can't ban everybody what do I have
  14. Banned cuz do bans count as posts here? I have 289 before pressing submit. Who am I kidding, I'd probably have 3 posts if not for the ban thread
  15. Look at that old 4790k warhorse still holding it's own in single core.. Wanted to hang on to mine but needed to sell it for my newer rig I also didn't realize how far ahead haswell/devils canyon pulled ahead of the 3770k.. assuming that single core score was done at 4.7ghz on the 3770
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