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  • Welcome to ExtremeHW

    Welcome newcomers to ExtremeHW,

    This thread gives you a taste of what EHW offers, if you are a new member then please fee free to introduce yourself in our
    New Memberssection.

    What is ExtremeHW ?

    ExtremeHW is a website community based around the discussion of technology and getting the best out of your equipment, we all know that we can strive for better and push it to the limit. We are a site that promotes professional discussions, best of breed content and ease of access for our users to get the help they need from others.

    We have made a large effort to make sure that the site has the latest and most relevant tools for content creators and normal browsers alike. We have been sure to fill our CKeditor with lots of integration tools to make posting an easy and pleasurable experience. You can review our site tools HERE.

    What software does ExtremeHW run on ?

    We run Vbulletin as our chosen platform, we strive to keep the platform up to date where appropriate so that we can bring you up to date features allowing for ease of navigation and use of the website as well as maintaining appropriate and up to date security standards. As Vbulletin is a highly customizable platform, it made sense for us to go this route so we can continually add upon the site improving the user experience.

    Who owns ExtremeHW & why does it matter ?

    We are a privately owned site. What does this mean for you ? Ultimately being privately owned, we do not suffer the red tape and slow moving motion that you get with corporations and other large business models. This means that we are more readily able to expand and change with the users needs and focus. We also pride ourselves in respecting our users privacy. Unlike some sites, we do not have unnecessary tracking scripts or various API's that harvest user data for sale to thirds parties beyond what is required for the bare bones of keeping the site running, such as standard advertisements. For the purpose of clarity the only analytical software we use is Google & Bing in order to allow us to monitor site performance as well as make sure the site is appropriate for our users and run the bare minimum ads to support the running costs of the site. The only other trackers we have on the site are Facebook & Twitter which allows users to share their or others content to social media.

    Want to make sure we are telling the truth ? Well we do not blame you! We encourage you to install
    Ghostery into your browser. Ghostery is a third party browser plugin that will detail what trackers a site is running and can allow you to block them. However please note that blocking site elements can have an adverse effect on how the site runs for you and could negatively effect your experience.

    Our policy is to respect the privacy of our users to the maximum of our ability and keeping the site lightweight and responsive. Furthermore we allow our users to hide certain elements of their user profile from particular members or the non registered users to enhance your privacy.

    Strange, I do not see any Ads ?

    It is true that the majority of sites whether forums or otherwise choose to deploy Ads as a method of supporting the running costs of the site. We have chosen to not go this route. We feel that the privacy of the user is paramount and that it should be an automatic right upon signup, having Ads with their inherent trackers went against this ideal. Furthermore the lack of Ads and trackers helps keep site performance optimal, the less there is to load, the quicker the site ! Not only that but lets face it, Ads can be ugly and distracting.

    If you agree with our ideals of keeping user privacy paramount and want to help support that ideal, please do consider taking a Premium Account subscription to support us. This will help with the running costs of the site and future development to bring you up to date features.

    What are your Terms & Conditions of service ?

    You can find our Terms & Conditions of Service

    What is your Privacy Policy ?

    You can find our Privacy Policy
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    Welcome to EHW
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    Asrock X570 Aqua (Run 783/999)
    EVGA FTW3 Ultra 2080Ti (SLI)
    32GB Gskill Trident Z @3600Mhz
    EVGA 1600 Watt Supernova P2
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