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  1. They're of use if you get the itch to build a Win9X build.
  2. I'm weird I guess. I just run the Brave Browser, the way it comes out of the box. I do have adblocking enabled, however my adblock is network wide, not browser extensions. I don't really NEED any browser extensions.
  3. Ummmm, I'd need a 56k warning just to post one room's worth of extra junk.......... -_-
  4. I actually have a router connected to WAN on another router right now (kinda). I did it on purpose to seperate the networks though. I have 2x "naked" routers (each with their own ISP). Those both plug into a PC on my rack, which connects the ISP's to my VPN together. Then the VPN'ed connection goes out to another router's WAN port, which that router is my "main" router for the whole house. As such, I have ZERO problems connecting directly to the "naked" networks behind the VPN'ed router, even though my actual connection is through the VPN to the internet. However, in MY instance, I cannot connect to the VPN'ed network from inside of the "naked" networks. It could be the PC in the middle, it could be a NAT setting.....idk. Not going to mess with it since it works though.
  5. I've never had much luck with that option on consumer grade routers? I'm also a networking noob, so also a very fair point to call that out.
  6. I'd like to further expand on this a tad. When you disable DHCP on the second router (or turn on AP mode), you'll NEED to plug the first router into Port 1 on the second router (or any port really besides WAN). When using a router as a switch, you DO NOT use the WAN port as it is there for your ISP connection in. In this instance, your second router is not connected directly to the ISP (for DHCP). So you'd wire it up as an unmanaged switch, aka, you'd use the 4 ports without the WAN (since switches don't have a WAN). And yes, this will work perfectly fine with like 99% of the routers I've ever played with. Most routers have basic switch functionality in them already, you just need to disable DHCP first (or enable AP mode). -------------------------- The way you were planning on wiring it up, by using the WAN port also in theory WILL work perfectly fine. However to use the WAN port, you'd leave DHCP enabled (or leave the router in router mode). This method WILL create basically a second network entirely off of the first one. As such, both routers will have completely isolated networks. You will be able to get into the first router's network from the second one, but NOT vice versa due to the WAN port on the second router being used. At least, that's been my experience. There might be like some port forwarding way to accomplish it or something, but yeah. I haven't been able to make bidirectional communication happen using this method, only the first method listed above.
  7. Well, I mean if I personally break something I'll fix it anyway just because that's common courtesy. Up here in WA State though, a landlord asking a tenant to make home or property repairs is 100% illegal here. If its their property, its their problem to fix it, and the law states they HAVE to fix it. Kinda crappy for good landlords that have horrible tenants honestly, but it DOES help out the good tenants with crappy landlords though.
  8. Wait a second, WHAT? You're renting, that's literally not your mailbox, not your problem bro. That can't be legal for the landlord to have YOU make repairs on THEIR house, can it? I understand the want and still need for having better security cameras, but reading that just blew my mind. Also, can also confirm Arlo cameras suck. My parents had a set at their old house, and my brother in law's truck was lit on fire (vandalism) right in front of the house. We caught enough footage that the entire neighborhood could tell who did it when we were asking around who it was (it was the neighbor who did it). But the footage unfortunately wasn't good enough for the police, since it didn't CLEARLY catch his face, but yet he was wearing the same clothes as in the video, live when interviewed. Whatever, that's an entirely different argument too....... Point is, the cameras failed to capture the moment that the dude tossed the molotov into the truck, but it caught him coming back to check on his fire and pour gasoline on it.
  9. I'm not too good with cameras and security systems, but is there a way you can setup a DVR, like with a PC or something, that'll just record the Arlo cameras all the time? Pretty sure OBS could handle that. Idk about "data retention" though......like overriding old files the way a regular DVR would do when the drives get full. Idk, just trying to think of ways to make your existing stuff work better.
  10. Welcome over here to the good side of forums!
  11. Ahhh yes, the Aurora Strip in Seattle.......... Oh wait, those aren't all in Seattle. Must be something with the name then........
  12. I'll just say this, my 7900XTX is a wonderful GPU. I definitely have typical "brand new AMD" bugs, which I hate to admit being that I enjoy the card so much. Their software is honestly pretty great too...........when it works. My 6900XT doesn't have anywhere near the issues the 7900 has, so I know its a weird architecture bug of some kind I'm having. It'd be a shame to see AMD drop out of the graphics business, they've been at it for decades. I don't think they'll be leaving either. They HAVE admitted recently (I think we have the article somewhere) that they were going to focus more on the midrange type cards. They have also admitted recently to bringing back multi-GPU, to an extent. I get the feeling they're going to release a midrange card, and use their crossfire knowledge and capabilities to make on PCB or maybe even on die multi GPU to make their higher end cards. That's my guess. Totally 100% my own opinion and guess on the situation. Just seems like that might be the direction they're headed.
  13. Saw absolutely nothing here last night. I'll look again tonight, but yeah nothing up here in eastern WA state.
  14. How are you liking Fi? I'm curious what speeds their hotspot is, my Visible (Verizon network) works wonderful, but the 5Mbps cap on the hotspot is kinda tough. Always on the lookout for other Verizon networks that might have a better hotspot plan.
  15. Of course the leaks are on purpose. Marketing at its finest right here. I don't understand Intel's core and thread count stuff they've been pulling to be honest. P and E cores, hyper threading only on part of the cores, I just can't keep up. AMD is definitely keeping their CPU designs a lot simpler to understand anyway. I just hope these new CPU's run better, I've been reading a lot of people having problems with the 14900's and heat. AMD's Ryzen 7000 series runs quite warm too. We're about at that point where something's gotta change in the manufacturing now, reaching the point of limited returns.
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