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  1. This one's for you buddy. Seed is nasty (ALEEB) played on yellow deck. Could have taken it quite a bit higher had I not made a few mistakes. Enjoy!
  2. yep, this is where the cool kids hang out.
  3. Got my first E hand today off of 5 of a kind with red tags.
  4. On a decent five of a kind deck right now. I had the sickest deck earlier this morning with face cards, I was getting millions per hand, but the boss that debuffed all face cards ended my run early.
  5. Don't let @firedfly know. Last time he saw me do that he gave me a lecture on how much he hates it.
  6. I get the feeling I have to unlock quite a few more jokers to be able to do that.
  7. I run the SW4 Pro 140's and 120's and yea, they are top. You have to ask yourself how deep into to hobby you want to get or if this is a one off experience. The higher quality brands have longevity and most components can migrate into new builds. Honestly, if you did do a 360mm rad, the P12's would serve you well and save costs until you know how far you want to go. I can't say I advise going into PETG or acrylic hard tubing for your first venture. Stay with soft tubing without plasticizer (Mayhems). If you only need a few feet (It's pricey), I would go Tygon A-60g, very hard to beat. When you really start narrowing choices down and getting ready to make purchases, we can help guide you better via discord. If you can source all you need from one brand that you like, go for it. I will say that it doesn't really matter at the high ends. Make sure everything you buy is copper/nickel based and does not contain aluminum to avoid galvanic corrosion. My experience is that most E-tailers rarely have everything you need in one place so you might have to shop around or order direct from over seas. The push vs. pull argument has been going on forever. Honestly it doesn't matter when you are talking SW4 Pro's. What does matter is case airflow and pressure. We can hash that out later.
  8. First off, GL! It's going to be a lot of fun. I don't have any extra Fan's or pumps/res's that I'm willing to part with, but I do have just about any size rad you need, so don't buy one, just tell me what size you need. Try to stay away from EK if possible. Bitspower, Aqua Computer, heatkiller, optimus, Phanteks and Acool are all solid choices. If you want decent middle ground for the price then Barrow or Bykski. I would recommend running distilled with added biocide and inhibitor (I used Mayhems Hades/Inhibitor). I started shying away from premixes and concentrates. Plus solutions without glycol mixes flow better. For fan's, BeQuiet SW4 Pro's are top tier. If you want affordable and good performing then the Arctic P12/14 5 packs are great. I'm partial to D5 pumps and 95% of mine are all Aqua Computer, but the newer variants of the DDC pumps are pretty good too. It really depends where you want to dissipate the pump generated heat and if you prefer flow or head pressure. Though for a CPU only loop, I won't imagine you are going to have to choose.
  9. You ain't that good, I bought the game an hour ago.
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