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Beardybaldy is a new person here. Hello


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Well hey there. Brand spankin' new round these parts. Been fiddling with PCs since the early 90s. My dad worked for IBM while I was growing up so we always had a stockpile of surplus computer parts hanging around the house (my mom loved that)


I've never really been one to focus on eking out every last drop of performance from my computers, but as I get older and my budget shrinks more every year (THANKS CHILDREN.) I have found that I need to nurse and cajole my computer from 2011 into acting as mature as its age would suggest. I've found a group of internet buddies that have piqued my interest in performance enhancement for PCs. We communicate primarily in discord, so it will be nice to have a place with a larger back catalog of tips, tricks, and modifications.


I look forward to getting to know you guys.

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Hey and welcome to EHW,


Love the username by the way. Sounds like you were a lucky kid, if any of my parents worked in the I.T industry and bought home bits and pieces I would have been in my element. I have to say I do like to try and tweak the most out of my system, that being said it is very time consuming...time is at a premium these days so I do not find myself being as hardcore as I was before. Discord is a great avenue, hence why we have one as well, but alas you cannot beat a forum when it comes to content.


We look forward to seeing you around :)




CPU: AMD 5950X (4.7Ghz CCD0 / 4.5Ghz CCD1)
RAM: TeamGroup T-FORCE XTREEM 4000Mhz 64GB (3800Mhz CL16)
GPU: EVGA 3090 FTW Ultra Gaming
SSD/NVME: Sabrent Rocket 4 Pro (2x 2TB, RAID 0)
PSU: EVGA Supernova T2 1600Watt
SOUNDCARD: Sound blaster Creative AE-9
CASE: be quiet Dark Base Pro 900 Rev 2
Full Rig Info




RAM: 16GB Corsair 1600MHZ DDR3L
NETWORK: Intel I350 -T4
CASE: HP Thin Client T730
Full Rig Info




CPU: 2 x Xeon|E5-2696-V4 (44C/88T)
RAM: 128GB|16 x 8GB - DDR4 2400MHz (2Rx8)
MOTHERBOARD: HP Z840|Intel C612 Chipset
GPU: Nvidia Quadro P2200
HDD: 4x 16TB Toshiba MG08ACA16TE Enterprise
SSD/NVME: Intel 512GB 670p NVMe
SSD/NVME 2: Samsung 1TB 980 NVMe
SSD/NVME 3: 2x Seagate FireCuda 1TB SSD's
Full Rig Info
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