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I think I'm ready for an EPYC system

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Does anyone know what the most powerful/ economical cpu would be for a simple system for gaming but on the side lots of encoding & cpu work.


I want at a bare minimum 24c/48t because I want to surpass the 3950x on total compute horsepower, not necessarily IPC.  I just want more than a 3950x/5950x on a budget with a Supermicro motherboard ITX if possible with say 64GB RAM.


I'm not sure what my budget is yet but I spent way too much on my 3700X system, at least my parents made me feel that way.


I'd prefer a 32c/64t chip on a ITX Supermicro board unless ASUS makes an EPYC board at a bargain value?


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A 13900k is mostly your only option. Server cpu are either overpriced or ways too slow.

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CPU: Intel 13900k + Top Mounted 280mm Aio
RAM: 2x24gb Gskill 6400 cl36-48-48 1.4v
PSU: Cooler Master V850 SFX Gold White Edition
MONITOR: [Monitor] LG CX48 OLED [VR] Samsung HMD Odyssey Plus OLED + Meta Quest 2 120hz
CASE: CoolerMaster NR200P White Mini ITX
SSD/NVME: 2TB Intel 660p 1tb sn850 1tb sn770
Full Rig Info



CPU: Asus Strix G15 AE 6800m 5900hx 32gb ram 1440p
RAM: MSI GT60 Dominator 870m 4800MQ
GPU: Alienware M11x R2 i7 640um Nvidia 335m 8gb Ram
MONITOR: Lenovo X270 1080p i7 7600u 16gb ram
SSD/NVME: Acer Chromebook 11.6
Full Rig Info



CPU: Ryzen 5560u
RAM: 2x32gb Sodimm
CASE: Jonsbo N1 Mini ITX
HDD: 8TB + 4TB HDD + 2 x Intel DC S3500 800GB
Full Rig Info
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I need a lot of threads & I only use AMD hardware & decent AMD EPYC IPC for encoding tasks, primitive encoding tasks like H264, H265, among older stuff as well.


It needs to game faster or equal to a 3700x @ 4700Mhz all core but smoke it on any other task.


What do you think this board would look like on the back of the IO plate?  I never install an IO plate anyway, just wondering if it would fit even know it says Proprietary.






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So far I got my eyes set on this board, but just not so sure about the RAM & also the cooling of the CPU...  I wanna get the AMD EPYC 7H12 64c/128t chip for like 750 or something like that maybe.  I'm sure it has more power than a 13900k in multi threaded tasks like specifically encoding?

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Thanks for the reply.  I think I can afford the board, ram, cpu, and cpu cooler.  It's just i'd like to wax a 13900k on multithreaded tasks like for instance any & all CPU only encoding jobs on all Video Converter Applications of any & all types.  One I like to use is Bigasoft Video Converter I think it's called among others thats just one I use on occassion.  I use others more like MediaCoder PRO & Handbrake.  I find the CPU only jobs yield higher quality...

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