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  1. Looks good, what caps? Great shade of orange. I can update the sheet with that info and pic.
  2. Nice, how'd you do it? I've got a couple little dents on my VW's hood from brushing a deer a while back that I've been meaning to address. I got REALLY lucky with that one.
  3. Updated! Added! Super cool little collection you have there, really unique stuff. Likewise, I'm not familiar with any of those boards, switches, or cap sets. Always been curious about a layout like the Nico has, looks really cool but I feel like it'd take a lot of unlearning and relearning for me to get used to.
  4. Added! Great to hear, now I definitely want one too haha.
  5. Thanks for the tips! I've been close to looking for some since my runs mostly fizzle out at ante 5 or 6 at the latest in a really unsatisfying and often frustrating way, a surprising number of times less than a thousand off the target. I'd figured some of these over time but a few of these are good to know with your longer term experience. I haven't relied too much on adding cards to my deck since I feel like that's a fairly inconsistent way to go about things, but maybe I don't have faith that my run will last long enough to give me time to put together a better deck lol. So I typically invest heavily in two pair hands and sometimes flushes, and otherwise make small tweaks around the jokers I happen to get. I'll try the approach of tailoring a deck to 4 of a kind hands over time, that sounds interesting. Ironically I've gotten far more straights than 4 of a kind hands, but I think your argument makes a lot of sense. Good notes on card enhancements as well. I had similar feelings lol. I was introduced to Balatro by a friend who streamed himself playing it over Discord, and he said, "Oh you'll love this game, you like poker and rogue-likes (which is true) so you'll love this." My first comment within 20 seconds was, "this isn't really poker at all, is it" but it was still really intriguing so I picked it up on GMG and don't regret it.
  6. Yeah I'm absolutely sick of the lug bolts on my Alltrack. Been taking wheels on and off on it for years and I've developed a bit of a method in which I can shuffle the tire out of the wheel well on top of one of my feet but it still sucks. I've been really tempted to buy a stud conversion kit for a long time now but it feels hard to justify the price.
  7. I picked this up a few days ago as well. Only have 3-4 hours so far, but it's a really cool concept. Still trying to find good strategies, but I love the premise.
  8. You know I think I typed the Gr of "gradient" and then my brain just autopiloted to the completely wrong word. Fixed lol.
  9. Updated! Added! And added! Good on you for the 96%.
  10. misclick quoted myself instead of editing reeee
  11. I used a G600 for a few years, and overall I liked it. I never really used the third top button, and I only used about half of the side buttons because I didn't need them all and a lot of them were a little too uncomfortable for me to reach anyways. Nothing inherently wrong with the mouse though. It's a good value buy for sure, if you think you'll use that many side buttons. I wouldn't call it small, but it's not thing longest mouse either. Pretty medium size in that dimension, but obviously quite wide. On the other hand, they discontinued the 604 but they're still selling the 600??? come on logitech lmao
  12. I've gone through quite a lot of mice over the past 10 years or so, and my favorite I think is the Logitech G604. Can could be found for under $60 (see note below), healthy amount of side buttons, wireless with a really long battery life, sleek and heavy. Literally everything I want in a mouse, and it caters towards my palm grip since I have fairly large hands. However, when verifying that you could still get it for $60 or so, I found out that you can't get it at all because it was discontinued over a year ago. How massively disappointing and frustrating. My favorite mouse before it was the G700S (so good pick @Avacado), and I went years before finding a replacement I really liked after it developed double click issues.
  13. Yep, still updating it. Just very sporadically lol. Added yours, all boards welcome.
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