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  1. the pc is is on a static IP, i have tried a few things including port forwarding, which got me down to moderate in some games and strict in others. the ISP router is completely bypassed, it doesnt even see the pfsense box, as pfsense is using pppoe and connecting directly to internet service. which makes the ISP router basically a glorified conversion interface for the fiber line
  2. i can tell you the 7800XT is great with 16GB of vram, so the 7600XT will benefit aswell as a sweeter price for alot of people
  3. i have installed opnsense and am bridging through my ISP's provided modem for now (it does not dhcp lease or have wireless enabled) the issue im having is ive installed the upnp plugin, rebooted it and when i run a game on my PC, it instant warns of STRICT NAT and doesnt allow me to session host. the issues ive found are as follows : - UPNP registers no ports when i connect to online portions of games - setting a firewall rule to port forward through the NAT doesnt seem to function either everything else is flawless, besides a little bit of speed loss between the modem and opnsense (like 50mbps, not much on 8gbps fiber) im stumped and alot of games im playing im the session host for friends and have the game saves, so we're sort of SOL until i get this working. any help is appreciated greatly. as im sure someone has knowledge i dont.
  4. hey guys, i set up an opnsense box recently, specs as follows: HP Elitedesk SFF (work freebie) i5 [email protected] 8GB 2666mhz ram 256GB generic NVME M.2 SSD intel 10g SFP+ NIC intel 10G RJ45 NIC (soon to be another SFP with direct fiber line if all goes well)
  5. i've not at all really been on pain meds, every once in a while ill take an aleve, but nothing more than that. pain comes with a quid pro quo. if you can focus yourself on something else and ignore it, it dont hurt as much i've had this pain for long enough now its just part of life. i built endurance to it over time, and have had very understanding employers along the way. also not to bring anyone into the habit but. CBD oil and smoking decent pot numbs pain for decent amounts of time. a good smoke numbs it for about 4 hours.
  6. i finished my first custom build today Kaychron Q1 V2 Knob edition 75%, gateron north pole 50G linear switches, GMK awaken neotokyo keycaps
  7. Pain you say? i can share plenty. from fingers going up on the corner of wood splitter blades and cutting to the bone all the way up to having a trailer pulled out from under me while i was loading it on a forklift. the forklift accident destroyed my lower back, as the front wheels remained on the trailer and the back end swung down straight to the parking lot off the dock. i have never ending pain in my lower back and left knee/ankle since that day, over 10 years ago now. i still presume the knee/ankle are from stomping the brake pedal with all the force i had before the forklift fell off the dock. i disabled myself further in late 2021 around halloween. was out riding my electric scooter without a helmet (yes i know avacado will call me a moron). the wind pulled my hat off, and in that split second knee jerk reaction i reached for it while rolling at 25MPH. i of course wiped out instantly. i turned myself in the air to protect my head and landed right shoulder first. 8 stitches over my right eye, a month and a half in a sling with a radial fractured upper right arm, it was dislocated aswell when i arrived at the hospital and they put it back in place, road burned my right leg something fierce too (it scraped right through a pair of jeans). needless to say when i sit up in the morning i want to scream in agony as my back crunches into place, laying down at night or sitting in a chair with arch support relieves my back somewhat but not completely. i can only imagine how this pain will get worse as i age. BUT! i am STILL dumb enough to pick up a 35-40lb watercooled rig and cart it out of my office to the kitchen for maintenance. and i work in IT for a living doing hardware installs for law offices. we all know hardware installs lead to carrying around relatively heavy equipment (servers, workstations, printers etc). ill pay for it as i get older im sure. my condolences to anyone who lives in daily pain as i do, i'm sure many of you are much worse off than i am.
  8. i guess its time i stick my nose in here for a little advice, im intending on building my first keyboard. i've bought many that are prebuilt over the years. the most recent being the GMMK 2. im over here debating if a GMMK pro is a good way to go. or of i should just start looking elsewhere. the GMMK pro has the form factor appeal (75% and i intend to take the GMMK2 to the office once i build a new board for home) i do like the fox switches on this board, and ive read and heard from a few people that Glorious' lynx switches are functionally identical to foxes, but with a blue top instead of clear.
  9. DLC is completely optional for this game, not a requirement at all
  10. i suggest if youd like gameplay videos of rust. Frost is great at showing progression and adding a storyline to it, look him up on youtube
  11. height issues sadly, id like to keep it around 200 and below, but probably not possible
  12. is there anything someone makes that isnt $300 and will fit a 2 Socket ATX server board with 92MM noctua coolers. cause silverstones HTPC cases are rediculous in price. im going to be asked why not use a tower, simply because it is to go on a shelf under my corner end table in the living room, and needs to lay flat.
  13. PCSarge

    2022 Team Cup!

    benchmate does not replace geekbench, but locks down your system so you cannot "edit" benchmark results after runs. it can also submit results directly to HWBOT from inside the program after you save, just login to your hwbot account via the program. it also takes screenshots for you.
  14. PCSarge

    2022 Team Cup!

    i actually went through some other hardware with bastian last night that he signed me up for, only to figure out i had the wrong motherboards/chipsets for the comp
  15. server was map wiped and went live today at 2:30pm right after update release.
  16. bump for all those new and old, i have also added things to the list of whats in the server.
  17. ive seen this be a bios related issue with asrock boards before, if he can flash from within his bios with s usb key, i suggest updating his bios aswell.
  18. ill be fanning a way to a review soon i hope
  19. mugen works better on some models than others, i know a guy with a CRX thats complete eurospec mugen and its pretty clean
  20. i mean your car is sunrise yellow....so it would make sense to spoon
  21. immo need you to do one thing.......you must choose but choose wisely. SPOON or MUGEN
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