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Exploding TESLA Lithium Batteries?


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...not quite (read on).


It's in (spoken Finnish; w/English subtitles), but still fun to watch, especially the slow motion sequences:








That's not going to buff out...


The owner of a 2013 Tesla Model S was facing a $22,000 repair bill to fix a faulty battery.


He teamed up with several YouTubers to strap 66 pounds of explosives to the car and blow it up.


The resulting videos have been seen a combined 5 million times.


For the first 900 miles, Tuomas Katainen's modified 2013 Tesla Model S worked fine, he said. Then water leaks and error codes forced him to call a tow truck to take it in for repairs.


After about a month, the shop told him the faulty battery needed to be replaced, at a cost of about $22,000. In addition to the hefty fee, the work would need to be authorized by Tesla, which was apparently not very enthusiastic about prior work that had been done on the car.


Rather than shell out half the cost of a new Tesla to fix an old one, Katainen decided to do something different. He contacted some of his favorite YouTubers, including Lauri Vuohensilta of Hydraulic Press fame.


After removing the lithium-ion battery, motors, and other expensive components, the crew hauled the chassis out to an old quarry on the outskirts of Jaala, a remote village about two hours from Helsinki, Finland.


The demolition experts from the YouTube channel Pommijätkät (Bomb Dudes) strapped 66 pounds of high explosives to the car and surrounded the area with slow-motion cameras.


As they were finishing the setup, a helicopter swooped in and dropped a mannequin with the face of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, which they strapped into the driver's seat of the doomed sedan.


Full article (more)




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Nice clickbait bro lol.


Here's the same event but in English. Explosion at 7:00.



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That's a nice add, sans them dropping Musk's body out of the chopper. Some extra really cool slowmoes and a lot more explosive detail 👍


1 hour ago, Supercrumpet said:

Nice clickbait bro lol.




One of the things I find interesting about Youtube videos are the user comments that typically accompany them (when not disabled). Some can be real pearls that convey that odd little bit of wisdom seldom found elsewhere (and perhaps sometimes from the voice of experience), like "you can never have too many cameras for an explosion,"  in this instance.


Note to self: add more cameras the next time you blow something up.

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Super click bait title for sure. However that was an impressive video, the shockwave from the explosion was impressive. I do enjoy a good explosion.




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