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One of my other hobbies...making stuff out of paracord


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Folding@Home Staff - Team Lead
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So yeah I learned a new hobby in 2020 with the kids during the first few months of the Covid lockdowns. It happened by accident. We just happen to use reflective paracord to tie off our kayaks, and tube floats when we would go out on the river. Then one day my dog broke his cheap-store bought leash and I quick made him one out of some 550, no fancy weaving or anything since I needed it on the spot. It worked pretty well but I knew I could make a better one, so I researched a bit and found out there's a whole worldwide hobbyist community dedicated to creating random ordinary items and survival items out of paracord. I had to take a step back, because this looked really complicated what these people were doing in these youtube videos and all I wanted was a freaking dog leash that would not break. So I started out trying something simple, using some of my kayak paracord and made a bracelet using some video instructions that I had to watch in slow motion like 50 times until I got it right. Then everyone in the house either wanted one, or wanted to try making one. We quickly used up all of my tie-down cords and I needed some more. Then I discovered that they sell some really cool colors and designs online. They even sell buckles and accessories to create lots of custom designs for things I had never imagined. So, a $30 order there, a few months later a $50 order there, extended family and friends were wanting some of the things we were making. Then we really got busy around the 2020 election because we live near some real radical groups. That's when we discovered how to create the monkey fist, the most iconic paracord crafting item that is really a lethal medieval flail mace thing that fits in your pocket but could really slap someone's brains out. Yeah everyone wanted one of those, either loaded with glass marbles or steel ball bearings, crazy times. Then some girl at the counter of the the service station saw my car keys had a paracord key chain with a hidden knife buckle, ended up creating and selling her a few dozen because her whole family and extended family wanted them. Last month I made some nice "survival" bracelets for my friends before we went on our cabin trip in the mountains. These were really cool because they had a buckle with a clock, compass, knife, glass breaker, fire starter, and whistle all inside the little 1 inch buckle. Then finally last week I finished my dog leash...finally. It only took me 2 years but I finally remembered what I was going to do in the first place.


Anyways, I have tons of different paracords and I want to make some basic survival bracelets for extremehw. I even have several red and black patterns to keep with the theme but I have some other really awesome ones. I have gotten so good at making them that it takes me less than 20 minutes and the cord is very cheap for me to buy so I was thinking I'm going to send some out as participation prizes for folding over the next few months. I'll post some photos and videos of my work this week. It's become a very relaxing hobby and self-rewarding when you can give stuff away thay you hand made yourself.


TL:DR? I needed something to do while Michele is gaming 🤣


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CPU: Ryzen 9 5950x
RAM: 4x8GB Ballistix
GPU: RX 6900 XT
PSU: LEADEX V Platinum 1KW
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CPU: Ryzen 5 5500
RAM: Crucial Ballistix MAX 2x8GB
SSD/NVME: Silicon Power A60 256GB
GPU: Quadro M4000
GPU 2: Quadro M4000
GPU 3: Quadro M2000
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That's absolutely awesome!  I've never really researched paracord before, but that makes sense that you could use it for other things.  I usually carry my "survival" essentials on my belt.  Got my dumb phone there, my leatherman, another multi tool, and my knife.  A paracord contraption to hold everything sounds like a fantastic idea!

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CPU COOLER: Cooler Master MasterLiquid PL360 Flux
MOTHERBOARD: Gigabyte B650 Aorus AX
SSD/NVME: Solidigm P41 Plus 2TB Gen4 NVME
RAM: G.Skill Flare X DDR5-6000
CASE: HAF700 Berserker
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Too much



CPU: AMD Opteron 180 @ 3.0GHz
RAM: 4x1GB Corsair XMS DDR400 @ 2.5-3-3-6
GPU: Sapphire HD5870
OPTICAL: DVDRW with Lightscribe
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Too much



CPU: AMD Athlon 1100MHz
RAM: 2x256MB Corsair XMS DDR400 @ 133MHz / CAS2
PSU: Antec 350w
GPU: ATI Radeon 9800 PRO
SOUNDCARD: Creative Live! 5.1
OPTICAL 2: IOMagic 48x16x48 CDRW
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