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Eight nations sign NASA's 'Artemis Accords' principles for moon and space exploration

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The eight founding nations that have signed the Artemis Accords are Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States. They have agreed to the following ten principles:


Peaceful Exploration: All activities conducted under the Artemis program must be for peaceful purposes


Transparency: Artemis Accords signatories will conduct their activities in a transparent fashion to avoid confusion and conflicts


Interoperability: Nationsp participatingin the Artemis program will strive to support interoperable systems to enhance safety and sustainability


Emergency Assistance: Artemis Accords signatories commit to rendering assistance to personnel in distress


Registration of Space Objects: Any nation participating in Artemis must be a signatory to the Registration Convention or become a signatory with alacrity


Release of Scientific Data: Artemis Accords signatories commit to the public release of scientific information, allowing the whole world to join us on the Artemis journey


Preserving Heritage: Artemis Accords signatories commit to preserving outer space heritage


Space Resources: Extracting and utilizing space resources is key to safe and sustainable exploration and the Artemis Accords signatories affirm that such activities should be conducted in compliance with the Outer Space Treaty


Deconfliction of Activities: The Artemis Accords nations commit to preventing harmful interference and supporting the principle of due regard, as required by the Outer Space Treaty


Orbital Debris: Artemis Accords countries commit to planning for the safe disposal of debris

Source: https://www.techspot.com/news/87106-eight-nations-sign-nasa-artemis-accords-principles-moon.html



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two notable absentees are Russia and China



So it's worthless

way too mu



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Not many people know but Luxembourg is a very far ahead with the legislation for space exploration. Last year I attended a very interesting evening with people from



2. SES

3. Air Liquide
4. ESA


It was very cool to see experts in the field discussing the future of space exploration. What made my jaw drop is what the guy from Air Liquide said when it comes to our ability to conquer space. He stated that at this point in time we rely too much on resources from our planet. We need to be able to make do with items we find on the moon and potentially other planets. He also stated that Air Liquide has developed the means to use lunar ice to fuel rockets :). Splitting water from Oxygen on the moon would make rockets carry different proportions of fuel to crew/equipment. At this point in time its mainly fuel. 


After this amazing evening with people knowing their s**t, we had a nice Apollo 11 screening! 

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