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  1. That last picture. Everything so crisp. F'ing beautiful. You know someone is a "craftsman" when their cable comb work is that neat and precise.
  2. Aye, the shine you achieved on the fan blades alone is heartwarming .
  3. I confess. I threw up in my mouth a little over this part of the picture. I know. We've all seen worse, but it just hit me that way this time.
  4. Any particular reason for the 70/30 isopropyl as opposed to 91%? Just curious if the 70/30 does some tasks better.
  5. That NB/SB block is shmexy as f@k.
  6. I am way behind on my techtubery ATM. We've shifted into high gear at work, but I will try to make time for that particulat LTT clip.
  7. @Storm-Chaserany connection between the device above and the GM "Vortec" cylinder heads?
  8. Case in point, just got some spam from ASUS trying to convince me to purchase...
  9. I know I'm living in the past, but they don't look like "240W" cables to me. If they operated on a 12V system, they would need to carry 20 amps to hit that power rating. They just look "dainty" to me for that kind of amperage .
  10. Welcome. Can we call you "Liquidboy" like the poster at OCN who's name escapes me?
  11. The Di-Noc really dresses the pumps up! I'm jealous of people who can visualize how to combine things for maximum aesthetic appeal.
  12. Indeed, so if this has prompted folks at AMD to sit on their arses, then yeah, likely no leapfroggery .
  13. Aye, I'm not a Threadripper user, but I try to follow the news in that segment anyway. I may be mistaken, but I would assume AMD can leapfrog this anytime they wish given how long it has taken Intel to "catch up".
  14. +1 for me, had to scroll up just a hair to read 'Cado's comment. No big whoop, don't care if it ever changes, just providing additional data point. .
  15. Yes, I think @schuck6566 had commented on this issue in the not-too-distant past.
  16. I think I read in thread over at OCN this was to 3801? I assume you have already read that beta bios 4201 with Agesa 1207 does not undo the 1.425v cap with EDC>140?
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