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An important message to us all - Yuri Bubliy (1usmus)

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Hello all, 


I just wanted to share the content from igorsLAB. With respect to a content piece by Yuri Bubliy A.K.A 1usmus. The talented guy that brought us Project Hydra, DRAM Calculator for Ryzen and Clock Tuner for Ryzen. I have been appalled at the state of affairs regarding Putin , his army and Ukraine. There is an important reason I do not refer to "Russia" as an aggressor, as has been many times in history and now, it is governments that wage war, not the people (Do you remember the last time we the "people" got a vote?). Yes there will be pro war Russians, but I will refuse to paint every man, woman and child with the same brush, so that is why I refer to this awful mess as "Putins war". 


Yuri Bubily is actually a really nice guy, I have had contact with him on a few occasions when I was discussing his work and possible moves to integrate EHW into them in some way or form. While that did not go anywhere, he was courteous and always had the respect to reply.  


Please see below his content piece:



Dear friends,

On February 24th, at half past four in the morning, something woke me up. I got up and opened the window to make sure everything was okay and it was just a bad dream. It was dark and freezing outside. A couple of minutes later I heard a heavy thud somewhere very far away. The sound was not to be confused with anything else. People in neighboring houses began to turn on their lights. Crows also woke up, screaming. A few minutes later my girlfriend called me in tears and said “they attacked us”. She and her parents were panickedly packing their suitcases.

I sat on the couch and sat in silence for a while like I was paralyzed, there was a sense of doom inside. After a while I managed to bring myself to my senses, I pulled myself together and drove to the gas station. I called my father and told him to do the same. At 8 a.m. my girlfriend was already safely outside Kharkov, and I arrived at my parents’ house in the center of the city. My parents refused to leave, as the house is the only thing they have left. I made up my mind that I would not leave them. I would not abandon my hometown. So began our first day of the war.
Streams of information and pictures of dead residents kept me busy. Europe was silent. The United States was silent. We didn’t want to believe it, but it was to be expected. There was nowhere to run, and no desire to, since we had always been second-rate to Europe. The only allies we had were each other, ordinary people. Our community came together to help each other and the army. We know what war is. We remember how fascist Russia attacked Donbass.
I also decided to volunteer to help the army.
My girlfriend in telegram created a telegram channel in which Kharkov citizens could share medicine, food and important information with each other. Thanks to this war we became more united than ever. Everyone knew his role and did something about it. On the fourth day of the war, I decided to take supplies from my apartment, since it was unknown what would happen later. And the stores were all closed.
My parents decided to help me. And at that moment we came under rocket fire. I remember the bright flashes, the cracking of the glass and how the air outside roared. We were lying on the floor. When it was over I looked outside and saw a destroyed neighboring house, lots of debris, burning cars and chunks of people. There was no more fear. There were no more positive emotions. There was only heartache and an ocean of hatred for fascist Russia. To all those who watched in silence, to all those who had helped to create this bloody regime for decades and to those who had come to kill us.
I am sure many of you are wondering what about my relatives from Russia. Blood relatives. Nothing, not a word of sympathy or support. On the 13th day they called to ask with a sneer “are we dead or not yet”.
What now? I am still in Kharkiv. 400 destroyed apartment buildings, historic monuments, hospitals and schools. Thousands of missing people. Thousands of homes without heat or light. On the roadsides outside the city abandoned equipment of the occupants and many many corpses. Abandoned cars of civilians shot by Russian fascists. Dead children covered with sheets. And this is only a few hundreds of kilometers from the center of Europe.
I have learned how to sleep when our 150 mm artillery is firing and rockets are whistling, but I am still scared when Russian planes with “peaceful” 500 kg bombs are flying over the city. In order not to go crazy I am working on the HYDRA project, I am still helping people and feeding my neighbors’ animals (their owners abandoned them in flight). Even at this time we have not lost our humanity, I and many others continue to believe that the war will end soon, that there will be silence and peace will come.

Your Yuri


The source is of course IgorsLab. I encourage you to read the rest of the article. 


I certainly hope that he and his family survive this needless war. No such thing as coming out unscathed, so I hope they have a speedy recovery from the horrors of this conflict when this war ends, one way or the other. For all Ukrainians.


Over my lifetime we (UK) have been involved in wars we should never have been involved in, wars motivated by devious men and woman. Ironically, this would have been a war worth fighting, a war with clear and true intention, but we all know what it means for the west to get involved, even though, I still feel ashamed that we have not taken direct action.  Ironic, we the west with so much power , yet so powerless.  Nuclear weapons, "The great deterrent" , for all the good the threat of mutually assured destruction affords us, "The great deterrent" allows evil to prowl unchecked.  I sit here writing this genuinely worried what the coming month/s brings for the world. I am under no illusions that we are dealing with a archaic mentality. A former KGB agent who was and still is, pro Soviet Union.  Politics, this is not politics. You do not need to have political ideologies or agenda's to be someone on the fringe. 


Coming from the west, I am spoilt. I come from a country of means in all senses of the word. I, at least in my lifetime have never had to consider the possibility of living in a world at war. All sounds dramatic doesn't it, but it only takes one second, one decision before we hit a path of no turning back. So, this is an opportunity to see and be with family, friends and love them and appreciate what we truly have, and live in the NOW as tomorrow may be a different world altogether - something proven time and again.  Makes me feel ill, going to a steady job everyday, enjoying my life and consumerism, some of which those less fortunate would call greed and they may very well be right. All this while women and children run in tears and terrified,  avoiding the rockets, bullets  and the mad men chasing them down the streets. Puts things into perspective doesn't it!


Strange how history repeats itself so quickly. 


As a person not in a position to give money towards the Ukrainian cause (not in any meaningful way), I as a free thinking and free speaking man will voice my outrage, sorrow and opposition to the atrocities caused by Putin and his warmongers.  So let it be known.


Your friend,


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SSD/NVME 3: 2x Seagate FireCuda 1TB SSD's (Apps)
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I know we try to keep politics out of discussions here, but mate.....this was spot on and worth the share, thank you.  My heart, prayers, and love goes out to ALL of the people involved in this conflict, Ukrainians and Russians alike.  I agree whole heartedly that its not the people that are involved in this, but instead its the governments.  I've never had a Russian treat me horribly, I've never had a Ukrainian treat me horribly, so I have absolutely no problems with either.


All I can say, is I just hope that Putin and Zelensky figure out this mess on their own, and without further loss of life of the citizens.  I kind of understand both sides of the arguments, and both of them have valid complaints, assuming its not all just propaganda, and that right there is the problem.  It seems to me, more like its an information war over a traditional type of war effort.  I usually try my hardest to understand both sides of an argument before making my decision or take my side, and tbh.....with this conflict its very difficult to understand both sides when there's so much propaganda. -_-  On one hand, I feel Putin overstepped bigly here with the invasion.  On the other, he claims that Ukraine was doing some really really bad things right there along the border between them.  So who's right?  They always say that history is written by the winners, so I guess we'll see in the future?  I just hope that this gets over with soon enough, and without further damage to the people themselves.  Putin and Zelensky both can go screw off in the woods for all I care.  I don't really care at all about puppets. :lachen:


I'm happy to hear that Yuri and his family is currently safe and doing well.  I will keep him and his family in my thoughts, as well as everybody else that's affected directly by this conflict.  Maybe if we send enough good vibes that way, maybe it'll help.  Been doing so every day since this started, and I'll continue to do so till its over. 🙂 

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Too much



CPU: AMD Opteron 180 @ 3.0GHz
RAM: 4x1GB Corsair XMS DDR400 @ 2.5-3-3-6
GPU: Sapphire HD5870
OPTICAL: DVDRW with Lightscribe
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Too much



CPU: AMD Athlon 1100MHz
RAM: 2x256MB Corsair XMS DDR400 @ 133MHz / CAS2
PSU: Antec 350w
GPU: ATI Radeon 9800 PRO
SOUNDCARD: Creative Live! 5.1
OPTICAL 2: IOMagic 48x16x48 CDRW
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